Paper Towels Last Twice as Long

HalloweenToday as I was making these awesome homemade make-up remover cloths (which I LOVE), I had an epiphany. As I was cutting the paper towel roll in half, I thought, “Wow. I should ALWAYS cut my paper towel rolls in half. They would last twice as long. I rarely need more than a small piece of paper towel to begin with. I can still hang both halves on the holder, but this way I can use a smaller amount. Maybe some of you already do this, but I just thought I’d share my joy with all of you.


You know that sticker on the top of your cleanser that you have to pull off when you purchase it? My Grandpa always took only half of the sticker off. He said that in the olden days there were smaller holes on the cleanser and then they made the holes larger so that people went through it faster. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’ve always cut only half my sticker off and I think I do use less.


So, there you go. Two tips for the price of one!

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  1. Fantastic! Why haven’t I thought of this? Thanks for sharing!

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