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01-27-2008, 09:53 PM
Just curious if anyone knows... I have the Aflac supplemental insurance, it won't pay out for a baby until AFTER July 4th. My due date is July 1st, go figure! I called the sales agent, she said that if I'm induced for medical reasons that they would still cover me. It is just a gamble, I have always been induced so I'm thinking if I hold out I MIGHT make it to the 4th. Just curious if anyone has had this insurance & what your experience was. Anyone cut it close & have it covered? Was it easy to pay out?

01-30-2008, 01:40 PM

01-30-2008, 01:40 PM
I am doing the aflac coverage too, but its my first time as well. I am due may 19th and my coverage starts May 8th, so I should be able to collect as long as I am not more than 10 days early. Good luck to both of us. I had a friend miss it by a week. That would stink after paying all those premiums.

01-30-2008, 01:44 PM
I did this with my last pregnancy that actually ended at 20 weeks. They still paid out $2550.00 which was a nice surprise. I had two policies; one that covered my hospital stay, so that was the one that paid out. I still have it in effect since if I cancel it, I would have to wait six months to start back up. I was very pleased with how fast they sent me my check. I think it is a good idea. I hope you are able to get them to pay out 100%. Good luck.

01-30-2008, 02:42 PM
I was told that they would only cover before 10 months coverage if the baby was born early and not healthy (need NICU) If baby is born healthy and before 10 months, then it is not covered.

01-30-2008, 02:46 PM
Can one of you who have used Aflac PM me some info (agent, prices, what the plan is called. . . any info really). We are thinking of having another baby and I think this plan may be something we want to use. Thanks!

01-30-2008, 02:46 PM
If I can ask, what are the monthly premiums for this on average?

01-30-2008, 03:00 PM
the prices all depend on if you are working and how many policies you get. For our first DD, i was working and so we paid about $100 a month for 3 policies. We got $6500 back after she was born (C-section) With this pregnancy because I am not working it is a bit more. We are paying the max witch is $300 a month BUT it pays out $11K after the c-section. You don't have to do all 3 policies you can pick and choose. It is a GREAT program and I highly recommend it to anyone..

We went with Marty Ferguson 801-259-1600

He was wonderful, he comes to your home and goes over everything in great detail. Then when it's all over, it took my hubby about an hour to fill out all the paperwork and then the checks just started coming in.!!

If you don't have somoone who refered you, please tell him that Meagan Meyerson did!!

Let me know if you have any more questions! I'd be happy to answer them

01-30-2008, 03:37 PM
We had AFLAC 2 years ago when my baby was born and I was SO glad that we did. My baby ended up being in the NICU for 2 weeks and so we added him immediately to the policy and it ended up paying for most of what my primary insurance wouldn't pay. You just have to add the baby, I think before the baby is 30 days old??? Anyway, way worth it! I can't remember exactly what they paid out for everything, but I didn't have much out of pocket at all.

01-30-2008, 04:08 PM
My plan is a not through a job, we pay about $110 a month and it pays out around $3200 total with the expenses of having a baby. I am due 3 days before I can collect on my policy so I am HOPING to be late (how often do you hear that?!) I went through an agent in American Fork. I feel like a gambler in Vegas, but I really want that payout!

01-30-2008, 04:12 PM
We signed up with 4 different plans. We are paying $250 a month and will be getting $8700 back.

01-30-2008, 06:26 PM
So do you have to pay more if you are having a c-section? Do you get more back? I am a c-section girl, so I know that's what I'll have to have. I also stay home, but I think DH's work has aflac available, will that make it less?

01-30-2008, 06:28 PM
We were able to sign up for 2 policies through my husbands work and we pay $65/mo. It will pay out at least $3100, more if I have to have a c-section or if babies are in NICU. I am sooo glad we did this, especially after finding out we're having twins. Our insurance caps at $4000 so the most we will owe out of pocket at the end is about $900.

01-30-2008, 09:44 PM
My aflec agent told me their were only two policies to consider if you are planning to have a baby. Hummm..... I wonder if she just didn't know about them of if they didn't apply to me.
Also we don't get aflec through work, but I got a discounted rate for being a member of USU credit union(I wasn't a member before this, I signed up just to qualify for it). You might want to ask if anything like that is available near you. I pay $90 a month and it should pay out at least $3300 if the delivry goes well.

01-30-2008, 09:55 PM
I posted my specific premiums and benefits in the following thread (see post #20).


01-30-2008, 10:31 PM
If you want to sign up for more than just Aflac usually you have to go through an independent rep because they can sell more than just Aflac. We have two through Aflac and two through another one. Aflac can only sell Aflac. Our current insurance pays $100% so this money will be extra.