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Jodi 04-27-2011 10:47 AM

Pros Ranch Market 4/27-5/3
Located in Phoenix, Glendale and Mesa
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Wednesday 4/27 ONLY
Apples- Granny Smith .24lb
Cantaloupe .24lb
Cilantro .14ea
Cucumbers .14ea
Mangos .33ea
Oranges .17lb
Thursday 4/28 ONLY
Beef- 7-Bone Chuck Steak $1.98lb
Beef- Shank, bone-in $1.49lb
Chicken- Wings .98lb
Pork- Tamale Meat, boneless $1.28lb
All Week Specials
Bananas .33lb
Broccoli .49lb
Mushrooms 8oz .99ea
Pineapples .49lb
Papaya- Mexican .49lb
Potatoes- Russet .33lb
Watermelon- Seedless .14lb

Beef- Bottom Round Steak or Roast, boneless $2.28lb
Chicken- Drumsticks .67lb

Muenster or Asadero Cheese sold in loaves $2.48lb

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