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Layered potato salad

Salt (optional)
Green onions

Cook the potatoes, carrots, and eggs. Then just slice/grate them into layers. I grate almost everything on a grater (I have one of those six sided ones). Potatoes and carrots on a large side and eggs, cheese, and butter on a fine one. I love how the eggs and butter looks when it is done. Oh, yeah and green onions are thinly cut up. I was out of onions for the party, so if you like them you can put them in, I really do like them. I put the mayo in a ziplock bag and then cut off or should I say snip off the corner, then just squeeze it out. Just don't cut off more than you should, you don't want it to be soaked in mayo. Not a lot of butter, just some bits of it. Enjoy.
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