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Originally Posted by Leggs View Post
CHUCK roast (all the extra fat makes it deliciously soft and falling apart)
Can of chicken broth
Envelope of ranch dressing mix
Envelope of italian dressing mix
Envelope of brown gravy mix

Mix broth and envelopes. Pour over roast. Cook on low for eight to ten hours. Thicken the broth to make gravy. Enjoy the rave reviews.
I'm making this for dinner tonight!
Originally Posted by christineluvsdan View Post
The first time I made it, it was so good. Then next time I made it, it was so salty we could hardly stand it.
All of the envelopes (gravy mix, salad dressings) are high in sodium. I bought the mixes with less sodium and I also bought low sodium chicken broth. Although the recipe was good, we thought it was really salty, too.
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