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Originally Posted by s275hv View Post
Gamma lids actually have two gaskets, one on the ring that snaps onto the bucket, and one on the part that twists on and off. I don't think I would use the gamma lids for long time storage since they are so expensive. I always use the regular lids, I just make sure the lids I buy have a gasket. Some do not, so make sure you look. They are usually black. A good storage or container store should know what you are talking about.
The ones at maceys come with a lid that does not have a gasket, but they sell the lids with gaskets separately.
I use gamma lids for the bucket I am currently using, I usually dump the stored bucket into the one with the gamma lid, so I don't have to keep moving the gamma lids.
I hope that makes sense.
Yes, it does. Thanks a ton.
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