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Default Sprouts 4/20-4/27 ~ Bring Your Own Bag get 5 cents per bag you reuse

*DOUBLE AD WEDNESDAYS* Shop both this week & last week's ad on Wednesdays. See last week's ad here

*Bring Your Own Bag - Sprouts will refund you 5 cents for every bag you reuse in place of a new bag*

Apples- Fuji, Jonagold or Pink Lady .99lb
Broccoli .99lb
Carrots- Baby 1lb .99ea
Clementines 3lb bag $2.99ea
Lettuce- Green or Red Leaf or Romaine .88ea
Mangos- Red or Ataulfo .49ea
Squash- Italian, Yellow or Mexican .88lb
Strawberries 1lb .99ea
Watermelon- Whole Seedless .25lb
Yams- Red or Jewel .99lb

Chicken- Tenders $1.99lb
Gourmet Burgers, Chedder Cheese Sliders, Pollo Asadad, Carne Asada, Chicken Kabobs $3.99lbBeef- Roast (rump, chuck, cross rib or sirloin tip) $3.99lb
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