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From Facebook posts on 4/11/12

I went to the one at 3rd Ave and Bell. Produce this week:
10# potatoes, strawberry quarts, each bell pepper, grape tomatoes, english cukes - all $.48. Prices are lower than other stores. Bag your own, they take cash or debit card cards only


It is worth it for me. Love them used to live in Idaho & shopped there. A few prices from yesterday strawberries 98, d'anjou pear 78 a lb , broccoli crowns 78 s lb, grape tom 98 each, pots 48 a lb, broc slaw 98, head cawliflower 78 each, colored bell.peppers 48 each, mango 32 each, lemons,lime 24 ea, grapes 48 a lb., zuchinni 48 a lb., bosc pear 88 a lb.,granny smith 78 lb.,banana 28 lb, wilson applewood sm ham 3.98 a lb, Jenny o turkey 5.98 a lb.,romero flour tortillas 1.14 ea, home pride wheat bread 1.88 ea, tillamook yogurt 48 ea. danimal yogurt drink pack, 1.98. Roadted chicken 3.98 or 3.99, Debit,checks,stamp only, bag your own. I don't go with my kids. Go weekdays early & it's easy. Friday before Easter Busy,busy,busy!
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