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Default Place to meet up w/Friends in the Summer

This summer we are coming to Utah to see family. We would like to see a lot of our friends while we are there as well. We were thinking it would be fun to do a party somewhere and then our friends could come to us during the day when it works for them. Ideally we would love to just have it at someone's house and rent bounce houses and pizza, but we don't have anyone we feel comfortable asking. Is there somewhere between Sandy and Layton that would be fun for us to rent out all day? I would like it where the kids could play and parents could watch the kids and chat at the same time. Like a splash pad or pool, but I'm worried that in the summer most places will be really crowded. Is there anything we can rent out the entire facility for not too much?

My husband was thinking of getting a couple hotel rooms and just using the pool. but not sure that would work.

anyone have any great ideas? We want something the adults would have fun doing as well..

Thanks for your help!
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