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Not sure what your budget is, but the North Shore (North Ogden Aquatic Center) rents out the waterpark either shared or privately. Our ward did it once for a ward party at the shared rate and it was really fun. Here's that info:


Other water parks may do the same. Check out Layton Surf n Swim, Clearfield Aquatic Center, maybe Cherry Hill?

Kangaroo Zoo or Get Air are really fun for the kids. Get Air is by the hour, but Kangaroo Zoo you can stay as long as you want but once you leave you have to pay to get back in. They might have deals for parties that you could look in to.

In my hometown the local Bowling Alley will let you rent it out for a reasonable fee. Lots of families do it for family parties. It is a small alley, so I'm not sure if the larger ones will do it too---although I think they rent out to bowling leagues for tournaments so there is probably a price if you are willing to pay it.
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