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There's a few ways you can use bleach to make some neat shirts. The way I've done them is to get masking tape and tear off pieces to make letters (or numbers, sayings, etc...) on the shirt. You can make the wording whatever size you want. Once you have the shirts taped up, take them out on your porch and spray them with a bleach and water solution (make sure not to totally soak the shirt, or the bleach will leak under the masking tape). Let them dry in the sun, and once dried, remove the tape and see your design! My sister has done a bunch of these, and instead (or along with) the masking tape idea she's used stickers (shapes, with characters on them, and letters, etc...) and also stencils. Be creative! They're way fun to do and oh so easy! They turn out so cute! Fun things to try is not always to put the words or design in the middle on the chest, but to off center the lettering like diagonal along the side, or towards the bottom of the shirt, alternate big and small letters, maybe put the words down the sleeve (if you have long sleeve shirts). These are fun to do for sports teams, girl's camp, family reunions, we made them when my whole family went to see Harry Potter...we all had "Muggle", "Mudblood", "HP", etc.. written on them. I even made one to go to a concert and had the band's name on the front then put the group members names on the back, then had them sign where their names were bleached out on it. HTH!

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