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Take the iron-on transfer paper, crayons, markers, art pencils and stencils and create the designs that you'd like to see on shirts. You should choose a transfer paper that allows for artwork to be drawn on it directly.

Heat up the iron according to the instructions on the transfer paper. Usually, these types of paper call for a medium heat. You don't want it to be too hot. It'll ruin the transfer paper.

Press the iron transfer onto the T-shirts. You should plan on pressing each inch of the transfer paper for about 10 to 15 seconds—again depending on what the instructions say. You just want to make sure that the drawing is firmly affixed to the shirt through the transfer process. Additionally, this process will result in the design that was drawn directly onto the paper being transferred onto the T-shirt in the reverse or mirror image.

Let the design cool once the iron on has taken place.

Hand wash iron-on transfers to keep the transfer material steadfast.
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