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Default Misc info...

You can mix and match everything in the sale to equal $25.

At the worlds Best Albies **** Broadway **** the $10 discount wasn't coming off automatically. She noticed and entered it by hand. Thank goodness. Additionally-if you're after the Jet Puff marshmallows, Philly cream cheese, Cool Whip, Nilla Wafers - there is an additional coupon on the display by the Meat Department. It's a recipe thing - with $1.25/3 items for Philly, Nilla, Cool Whip. And a separate one for JetPuff .50/2. Also try asking Frank for an additional coupon on the Powerade .75/2. Get 5 coups if he still has some. Buy 10 powerade, get 5 free and .75/2 x 5. $.25 each!!!

Broadway Albies was totally out of milk except for Reeds Dairy and a few flavored things at 8:00 am.

Very fun shop - Good luck and have fun!

When you're done at Broadway Albies - slip over to that Rite Aid - next door. Their easter candy is 50% off and there were lots of M&M's, Hersheys and Reeces items left. I got way more than I need for my 4 Easter baskets - 12 items for $18.00. And that includes some choc bunnies that I didn't have coups for. I hate to see this Rite Aid close - but it saved me a bundle today.
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