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Old 01-21-2013, 01:40 PM
imsavinmoney imsavinmoney is offline
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Default Newspaper Carriers Needed in Clinton, UT area!

I am an Area Manager for the Clipper (newspaper in Bountiful). The Islander is a sister newspaper to the Clipper newspaper. The Islander covers the NW part of Davis county. The Islander newspaper is going to be opening up to the Clinton area (and a small part of the West Point area) starting in March. I will be the area manager for this.

Perfect for anyone looking to make money! Adults (great paid exercise!), children (nice way to get the kids a job early on in life that is not too time demanding), family (I like the idea of a family doing this together....work together and then use the $ to go and play together), etc!

I try to fit you as a carrier in a route that is in your neighborhood or as close as I can get!

Pay is .05 per paper delivered and routes are usually 150-200 papers. You can have up to 2 routes per family. Job begins in March. March delivery will be 2x's a month. Starting in April job increases to 1x's per week (4x's per month). Pay is monthly. Supplies are included with job.

If you are interested in becoming a carrier (or you know someone who is) PM ASAP!

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
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Old 02-10-2013, 08:47 PM
utahstampgirl utahstampgirl is offline
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Default South Hill Designs

My sister and I recently joined South Hill Designs, the most exciting home party plan company to hit the market in decades. If you like expressing yourself with jewelry, you’ll love creating “Share Your Story” jewelry with South Hill. Choose a locket, add a coin and charms, or add a droplet...whatever you like!

As a South Hill Designs Artist, you’ll receive fabulous commissions on the jewelry pieces your customers buy from you. And you can multiply your income by inviting others to do the same. If you’re a natural leader, you can grow teams that generate unlimited financial rewards, month after month.

South Hill Designs launches February 25th - Get in on the pre-launch opportunities now! I'd love to have you join our team! Utah has an untapped market!

Check out the earn money and join today tabs!

Or visit my facebook page for lots of locket ideas
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Old 02-10-2013, 08:48 PM
utahstampgirl utahstampgirl is offline
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Default South Hill Designs...email

Here is my email if you'd like more information about South Hill Designs. Kits start at $29!

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Old 02-11-2013, 12:35 AM
hut hut is offline
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Question: What's the difference between Origami Owl jewelry and South Hill Designs jewelry?
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Old 02-11-2013, 09:42 AM
utahstampgirl utahstampgirl is offline
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Default South Hill Designs vs O2 (origami owl)

I appreciate the opportunity for constructive dialogue! Here are the reasons I chose South Hill Designs. (Info from SDH)

SHD Consultant / Customer Support Team is excellent and responsive with same day service. The O2 support team has had difficulties with being responsive to their consultants or customers (unless a complaint is filed with the BBB).

With SHD, 95% of the orders are shipping out of the warehouse same day. Shipping is taking weeks at O2.

With SHD, orders are shipping with very few errors. At O2, after waiting weeks, we're told orders are sometimes arriving incomplete and incorrect.

SHD kits are readily available and are shipping in most cases same day. O2 has a waiting list and people have been on the wait list for months.

SHD’s charms and lockets are in stock. Brian, SHD CEO and Co-Founder, shared, “We are planning for big growth. Our plan is to never have artist in waiting or major product shortages. We currently dual source all of our products and will be triple sourcing the lockets within another few weeks. We are also aggressively investing capital into product inventory with new product coming in weekly. With that said, it’s always possible there are a few hiccups in the supply chain along the way. I can tell you that Joe and I discuss this topic multiple times, every single day. It’s always our #1 priority and something we take personal pride in keeping tight.”

Many O2 items are out of stock making parties, orders and kits impossible or frustrating at best.

SHD sports a rustic Designer look and feel which will have a broad appeal.
SHD has an optional monthly charge of $9.95 for an artist’s replicated website. O2 charges $19.90 per month: $9.95 for the replicated website plus $9.95 for the back office and resource files.

SHD’s comp plan is AMAZING.
At SHD, Artists make between 20% and 40% commission on Personal Retail Sales. The more you sell, the more you make.d SHD includes a provision that when leaders start to focus time on leading their teams, their team sales impact their commission on their Personal Retail Sales. When a SHD consultant sells $5,000 OR their team sells $20,000 they earn 40% commission on 100% of their personal retail sales.

At O2, Owls earn just 30% commission on the more expensive products like lockets and chains. They earn 50% on less expensive products like charms.

Management & Executive Bonuses:
SHD’s Bonus structure consistently pays significantly more at every level on levels 1 and 2. At Team Leader level, an artist can become a Certified Trainer and earn an addition 5% on team volume or up to 15% on L1 and 12% on L2.

O2’s Bonus structure pays 15% at the highest level in the comp plan on L1 and just 6% on L2.

SHD’s Executive Bonus structure pays between 3% and 5% on >>>ALL<<< generations!!d O2 pays between .5% and 1% on just 2 generations. This is SIGNIFICANT!!
SHD’s Executive Bonus structure includes a Lifestyle Bonus of between $250 and $750 a month!!

SHD’s host plan is AMAZING.
At SHD, the COMPANY PAYS HOST REWARDS up to 25% and up to 6 ˝ priced items!!!

SHD’s lockets have been UPGRADED to include improvements with stronger magnets, better hinges (SHD lockets open further for ease), and better bails.
SHD crystals are Swarovski.d O2’s crystals are Cubic Zirconia.d

****SHD’s lockets come with a standard chain. O2’s do not.

SHD upgraded the standard chain which is included with the locket to 24K and 24K Copper.
SHD upgraded the optional chains to Sterling, 24K and 24K Copper.
SHD iupgraded additional components as well.

O2 filed a lawsuit against SHD in 2012 claiming copyright infringement related to 10 to 15 charms.d In November 2012, a judge dismissed a restraining order stating that the claims were unfounded. SHD has counsel and insurance to cover related costs. Anyone can sue anyone for any reason. Competition is healthy and makes up the backbone of America. Think of the Nook and Kindle and think of Pandora. Competition encourages quality products and better customer service!

400% growth in just 2 months!

Feel free to browse my website: http://www.southhilldesigns.com/janicepalumbos
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Old 09-05-2013, 05:30 PM
3jules 3jules is offline
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I am an Independent Brand Partner with Nerium International and I'm having lots of fun meeting wonderful people and sharing these amazing products. They set you up with your own website and you share the products to get your business rolling. It's very casual and nice because the company currently only has two products, so you aren't having to stock and promote multi-step lines of products. You also do your business around your schedule and can put as little or as many hours into it in order to earn as little or much as you'd like. The pay is great and they offer many incentives to reward you for your efforts, i.e., iPads, Lexus car bonuses, trips, and cash bonuses. If you wish to learn more about the business opportunities with NeriumAD and this young and rapidly growing company (3900% growth in first 12 months), please PM me. You can also check out their FB page-there are lots of inspirational family stories about lives being changed. TIA!
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Old 09-05-2013, 06:37 PM
jglass jglass is offline
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My company is hiring a few people. You do tele-sale type calls from home using a USB headset. It pays $8.00 and hour and goes up after you show you can do the job and work your shift. It's Mon-Fri and I believe it's a 6-7 hour shift. You have to do your whole shift, no picking hours and it needs to be quiet in the background. You need to be comfortable with using different screens at the same time you talk to someone on the phone. We don't take payments or get super personal info or anything. Email resume to justin@televated.com if you're interested.
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