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Old 07-16-2008, 10:29 AM
Kelleysvt Kelleysvt is offline
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Default Amber's Big Deal's - Price Chopper


The BEST deal this week in my opinion is at the bottom of this list in the "Good til fall" list -
Strawberries 1#- $2
Scott Paper Towels 5.99
Dial bar soap 8 pack BOGO (Regular $5.79 each)
Thomas' English Muffins B1G2F (regular $3.39 each, this beats the bread stores regular price of $1.25-$1.50/package)
Dad's Bite Size Meal Dog Food 17.6 lb - BOGO (Regular 8.99 each)
Betty Crocker Brownie Mix $1
Chex Mix/Bugles $1
Doritos BOGO (Regular $3.79 each)
Keebler Club Crackers BOGO (Regular $3.89)
Nexcare comfort or Active Strip bandages BOGO (regular $3.99)
Schick Slim Twin Disposable Razors 10 ct B1G2F (regular @6.79) I think this may be a 'trick' as it says "look for coupon in most papers' and this Sunday's paper has a coupon for BOGO on Schick Disposable Razors. You may get to the register and find out it's actually only BOGO. One could argue that it's deceptive advertising.

Now on to the new "Seasonal" sales - Prices Good til Fall

Rice A Roni/Pasta Roni $1 again - I'm surprised and I was WRONG. I can't believe they continued this sale! Yeah!!

Spaghettio's with meatballs (or hot dogs) $1
- I've been waiting for MONTHS for this sale. In my recollection this is AS GOOD AS IT GETS - This is definitely a stock up price.

Price Chopper BBQ Sauce 18 oz .88 - a good deal but you *might* find BBQ sauce for .75 at some point this summer. Since the sale runs til fall I'd just keep this in the back of your mind and watch for better deals.
Price Chopper mustard 12 oz spicy brown - $1. Yes the regular yellow mustard is also on this sale for a 20 oz bottle but I think you can find better deals buying bulk and mustard is shelf stable so a large container will store for years (I know because I've done this - it's scary how long this stuff will stay good opened in the cabinet. I'm talking YEARS)

Price Chopper white Potatoes 15 oz cans - .66 (another good storage item, these will stay good years after loose potatoes have gone to seed [or worse])

Slim Jim canisters 5oz can [16 sticks]- $3 I'm not sure of the size but if there are more than 6 small sticks in the can then I "think" it's a good deal, since the small ones are usually 50 cents each. I'll have to double check. I list this because it can be a protein item in your 24 hour pack, and because it's a special treat in my family (I hate it but the guys love it).

Imitation Crab Meat 16 oz.- BOGO (I'm not a seafood person but this seems to be a deal)

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Old 07-16-2008, 11:47 AM
shareeisme shareeisme is offline
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Default ShaReeisme

what is price chopper
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Old 07-20-2008, 02:50 PM
Kelleysvt Kelleysvt is offline
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It's a grocery store chain - ours used to be P&C but they were bought out by Price Chopper. This is for the Berlin, VT Store
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Old 07-31-2008, 01:06 PM
Kelleysvt Kelleysvt is offline
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Default w/e 8/2

Sorry to be so late this week - I've been out of town. HOpefully you can still use the info

Best deals -
Colgate toothpastes - BOGO, combine that with the coupon in Sunday's paper and it's a great deal. The Children's toothpaste is 1.99 and the couupon is $1 off so that'll be free!
Ultrabrite toothpaste - BOGO
Betty Crocker Potato mixes 1/2 off
Kellogs Frosted Mini Wheats - 1/2 off
Betty Crocker cake mixes$1

London Broil 1.79 - average deal this summer
All fresh perdue chicken 40% off - depends on the regular prices. I haven't been to the store yet but make sure you compare to the store brand since Perdue is usually more expensive.
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Old 08-05-2008, 09:26 AM
Kelleysvt Kelleysvt is offline
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Default W/e 8/9/8

Poland Spring Water 24 pk - 3.99 (limit 3)
First Prize Select Meat Franks B1G2F
Gillette Fusion or Fusion power refills 20% off

Most of the sales are mediocre or frequently repeated this week. Here are a few that caught my eye but they're not stunning deals or they will come up again within about 6 weeks.
Chex Mix or Bugles BOGO
Jones frozen sausage, all varieties BOGO
Quaker Maid Sandwich Steaks BOGO
Rosina 12 oz meatballs BOGO
Nathan's Kielbasa BOGO
Plumrose Ham Steaks BOGO
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Old 06-20-2009, 05:10 PM
slkemommy slkemommy is offline
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Just visiting here, but I thought I would share some finds.

I doubled Suave lotion and deodorant coupons today (6 of each) and so received 12 items for "free" after coupons. I only need one of each, but I'm taking the others to church tomorrow to donate. Since the coupon expired tomorrow I just couldn't bear to not get "free" stuff to give away. Also, I found a 1.00 blinkie coupon box in front of the French's mustard which made the 20 oz mustard only .39

I also noticed that Bar S brand hot dogs and bologna are on sale starting June 21st. If you (out here in Vermont) have the same coupon I got ($1 off 2) then hot dogs would be free and bologna will be .25 a package.

Hope this helps someone out here in Vermont.
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Old 06-29-2010, 12:50 PM
slkemommy slkemommy is offline
Master Penny Pincher
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: St George
Posts: 1,175

How depressing. My own post from LAST YEAR is the most recent post on the Vermont boards....
I'm here visiting again. Wish I could figure out which catalinas are working out here. Haven't figured out how to feed my family cheaply during this visit yet. Any advice would be appreciated.
I'm sorry I'm missing the double coupons in Utah at Smith's this week. You would think I'd feel okay about it since Price Chopper doubles always, but I can't find any great deals. I think a 3 week stay here is going to cost me about 3 months worth of grocery budget
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