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Old 07-05-2011, 11:08 AM
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Default Welcome to Arizona's Screaming Deals...tips inside...

Our Blog -- ArizonaShoppingSecrets.com
-- Find us on Facebook

This forum is ran by moderators who work hard to provide members with what's on sale for the week as well as match up available coupons to those sales. Also, we lean on each of the AZ members to help post their findings while they shop, which helps everyone else find the "unadvertised deals" as well.

Grocery Store Information
*NOTE: Information on National Chains such as Target, Walgreens, CVS, Walmart can be found in the Screaming Deals Around Town Forum on PinchingYourPennies.com

American Discount Food
  • No Manufacturer's Coupons accepted (as of 7/3/11)
  • Limits apply per household per day. Prices good while supplies last.
  • 1 Location -- 308 S. Extension Road #108 in Mesa. Closed Sundays
  • Sign up on their website to be notified of sales & new arrivals > LINK
  • Link to Facebook Page

El Super Markets
Food City
Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market
  • All Manufacturer Coupons under $1.00 are worth $1.00 (up to 3 Like Coupons). Overage on manufacturer's coupons is allowed to be applied to another purchase. (as of 7/3/11).
  • As of 8/1/11, no longer accepting competitor coupons.
  • See listing of current insert coupons under .50 which are currently worth $1.00 HERE
  • Digital eCoupons can be loaded directly onto your Fry's VIP card - here, here, Cellfire.com, Shortcuts.com or PGesaver *NOTE: you can't stack manufacturer's eCoupons with paper manufacturer's coupons. Also eCoupons do not double.
  • Link to Official Coupon Policy
  • 200% Produce Quality Guarantee (or Double Your Money Back) > LINK
  • Fry's Fuel Rewards - Save up to $1 per gallon > LINK
  • Link to Weekly Ad
  • Link to Facebook Page

Pro's Ranch Market
Sprouts Farmers Market
  • Accept Manufacturer's Coupons at face value. (as of 7/3/11)
  • Double Ad Wednesdays - Shop this week and last week's ads on Wednesdays.
  • Bring Your Own Bag - Sprouts will refund you 5 cents for every bag you reuse in place of a new bag. (as of 7/3/11)
  • Rainchecks are issued when advertised product is out of stock (unless otherwise specified in ad)
  • Link to Weekly Ad
  • Link to Store Locator
  • Link to Facebook Page

Sunflower Market
Trader Joe's
Whole Foods Market
Coupon Inserts & Database
  • The best newspaper in Arizona to get coupon inserts is the Sunday edition of the Arizona Republic. The only way they guarantee that coupon inserts are included is if you have the paper delivered to your home. Therefore if you are purchasing them from a newsstand you will want to check if there are coupon inserts before purchasing. Also note that not all Sundays have coupon inserts - usually holiday weekends are the exception. Click here for information on signing up for Multiple Sunday Subscription. NOTE: must be logged into the forum to view.
  • A free source of coupon inserts in AZ is a free paper called the La Voz that is available on some newsstands. NOTE: These contain smaller SmartSource inserts only.
  • Click here for the Coupon Database showing all current non-expired coupons found in the Arizona Republic Sunday coupon inserts. The coupons are listed alphabetically. The information at end is which insert the coupon can be found in (SS= SmartSource, RP = Red Plum and P&G = Proctor & Gamble) and the date it was issued. This information can be found on the spine of the insert. Use "CTRL+F" to search for specific coupon.
  • If you file your inserts by date, click here to find out when to toss your inserts.

Catalina Coupons
  • Catalina coupons are those that print out from the machines sitting next to the cash registers.
  • Click here for a listing of current Catalina promotions and please share any you find out about.

Printable Coupons
  • Currently most of the stores in Arizona that accept manufacturer's coupons also accept printables unless high value (over $2-$3) or for FREE items.
  • Please do not photocopy printable coupons and only print the number of coupons the printable site will allow you to print. The printed coupons have an identifiable number and also a date and time stamp and can be traced back to the person who printed them.
  • Printable Coupon Site Links: Coupons.com, Redplum.com, CouponNetwork.com, Smartsource.com, CoolSavings.com

How to Use the GrocerySmarts Grocery Lists
We have teamed up with GrocerySmarts to make our Grocery Lists. Click on this Grocery Smarts link (you may need to enter the passport - g85ro1), then click on "select your store". Choose from the drop-down menu which store you would like to view. Each list has the item and price listed along with any coupons that can be matched up with the item. To the left you will see a star rating area. Each item is rated 1-5 stars or FREE, 4-5 stars mean to stock-up - this is a great price, a 3 star is an average deal. To the right, you will see the bottom line price after all coupons and/or discounts.

To make a customized list, follow these instructions:
1. Click on "start" towards the right upper corner
2. Click on each item from the list that you would like (I also would click on the store name so that will be printed on your shopping list as well)
3. Click on "shrink" which is up next to the "start" button
4. Click on "print" to print out your customized list!

*You can also click on "All In One" from the drop-down select store menu. This will bring up all the stores at once. Now you can make a customized list including all the stores on list!

*Grocery Smarts now has an Android App. Go to the Android Market and search "Grocery Smarts Lite" for the FREE edition.
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