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Old 10-09-2013, 01:58 PM
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Default ISO doll wigs

Some of you may remember that I was making some dolls for my dd b-day back in the spring.... well I am a horrible mom and never got the dolls done So now I am trying to make up for that by finishing the dolls and making them a whole boatload of stuff as part of her Christmas. Now that I have the dolls head sewn and stuffed I know what size wig I need but the problem that is besides online I have no idea where to get them. I really want to get them from a non online place where I can try them on the head and check the quality. Everything online says do not brush it I am worried that they are only glued together. Also because it is going on a cloth head I don't want a stiff wig. Dose anyone know of any place that sells doll wigs with in a few hours drive of the salt lake valley any place that I can make it to on a day trip? I don't mind driving it will be worth it to get the dolls to be just what she imagined them to be... well at least as close as I can.. that girl takes after her mom she gets pictures In her head of how things are going to look... I keep telling her it never works out that way Oh problem #2 the cost some of these wigs are more than the total cost put out for the dolls so far. I would like to stay under 5ish but I would probably go up to 10 ... I also thought I might could disassemble a regular wig and make it doll size ... but again cost and so far I have not been lucky at the thrift stores.
The colors she wants are blond and strawberry blond (they cant have the same color or be bald I already lost that fight ) I also lost the fight on dong yarn hair with the fuzzy yarns that make it look like newborn skicky up hair.... but she might just have to deal with yarn hair for me to keep things in budget and to avoid having bald babies
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