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Old 05-15-2012, 08:19 PM
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Default American Discount Foods 5/16 - 5/22

About American Discount Foods:
  • No Manufacturer's Coupons accepted (as of 7/3/11)
  • Limits apply per household per day. Prices good while supplies last.
  • 1 Location -- 308 S. Extension Road #108 in Mesa. Closed Sundays
  • Sign up on their website to be notified of sales & new arrivals > LINK
  • Link to Facebook Page
  • Wednesdays DEAL OF THE DAY is: Baking Potatoes .19 lb (limit 10 lbs)

Current Specials:
  • Wild Rice - Buy 1 Get 1 FREe (limit 4 free)
  • All Toothpaste .99 (limit 5)
  • Premium Nutrition Bars .25 (limit 20)
  • Oscar Mayer All Beef Hot Dogs 16 oz $1.50
  • Minute Maid Pulp Free Juice 59 oz $1.50 (limit 2)
  • Liquid Eggs Quart 32 oz $1.50
  • Krusteaz Waffles 16 ct $1.99 (limit 4)
  • Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream Cake $3.99 (limit 6)
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich .20 (limit 10)
  • Cucumbers .20 (limit 20)
  • Betty Crocker Cookie Mix .99 (limit 5)
  • Tender Shaped Chicken Nuggets .99 lb (limit 4)
  • Shredded Beef & Cheese Chimichanga $1.99 lb
  • Cherry Danishes .25 (limit 20)
  • Campfire Marshmallows .50 (limit 5)
  • Pepperoni & Cheese Calzones 6 ct $1.99 (limit 4)
  • Egg/Cheese/Potatoes Calzone $1.99 (limit 4)
  • Bon Appetit Complete Meals 22 oz $1.50 (limit 4)

Freezer Blowout Sale:
Assorted Meats/ Meals
Flame Broiled Beef Patties 2.45oz 15lb Case -------$14.99 -----Save $15 over reg price
Surf & Turf Pinwheel Steaks 4oz 40ct Case---------$19.99 --------Save $10 by the case
Beef & Lamb Gyro Cones 30lbs-----------------------99/lb---------Save $15 over Reg Price
Turkey w/ BBQ sauce 4 Bags 28lb Case-------------$19.99 --------Save $8 by the case
Sloppy Joe Grnd Trky 4 Bags 28lb Case------------$19.99 -------Save $8 by the case
Turkey Taco Seasoned Pockets 18lb-----------------$9.99----------------Sale Price
Hoffy Chix Hot Dogs 8:1 10lb Case---------$7.99-----------------Save $2 by the case

Bulk Meats
Commercial Beef Tenderloin-----------------$3.99/lb-------Save $1.00/lb over Reg Wholesale
Ribeye Roll for Philly Beef Steaks------------$2.19/lb-------Save $1.00/lb over Reg Wholesale
Select Top Sirloin-------------------------------$2.49/lb-------Save $1.00/lb over Reg Wholesale
Beef Short Loin----------------------------------$4.49/lb-------Save $1.99/lb over Reg Wholesale
Choice Whole Beef Striploins----------------$3.99/lb-------Save $1/lb over cut steaks
Choice Whole Beef Ribeyes------------------$4.99/lb-------Save $1/lb over cut steaks
Beef Rib Lifter Meat--------------------- -----$1.99/lb-------Save 70/lb over Reg Wholesale
Whole Beef Brisket----------------------------$1.99/lb-------Save 75/lb over Reg Wholesale
Beef Flank Steak------(out of stock)------$2.99/lb-------Save $1.69/lb over Reg Wholesale
Choice Beef Tri-tip sirloin Butt--------------$2.49/lb------Save $1.71/lb over Reg Wholesale
Beef Outside Skirt Steak ---------------------$2.99/lb------Save $1/lb by the Case
Raw Corned Beef Briskt----------------------$1.99/lb-------Save $1/lb over Reg Wholesale
Fully Cooked Corned Beef Brisket---------$2.49/lb-------Save $1/lb over Reg Wholesale
Fully Cooked Choice Prime Rib------------$4.99/lb-------Save $2/lb over Reg Wholesale
Whole Chicken Fryers 12ct Case----------- -59/lb--------Save 30/lb by the case
8-Piece cut up chicken---(out of stock) ----79/lb-----------Save 20/lb by the case

Lunch Meats/Sandwiches/Sausages
Oscar Mayer Turkey Pastrami 12-8oz Case-------------------$15.99----Save $2 by the case
Oscar Mayer Black Forest Ham 12-8oz Case -----------------$15.99----Save $2 by the case
Oscar Mayer Mesquite Turkey Breast 12-8oz Case ---------$15.99----Save $2 by the case
Oscar Mayer Uncured Franks 12-16oz case------------------$17.99----Save $2.28 by the case
Oscar Mayer Beef Franks 24-16oz case-----------------------$42.99----Save $5 by the case
Jennie O Oven Roasted Chix Breast-------$1.99/lb----Save $1.69/lb over Reg Wholesale
Roasted Chix & Cheddar Sandwich 12ct Cases----------------$3.99----Save $2 by the case
Patrick Cudahy Bratwurst 10lb Case---------------------------$1.49/lb---Save 50/lb by the case
Sopressatta 17lb to 20lb cases--------------------$1.99/lb---Save $3.83/lb over Reg Wholesale
Turkey & Cheese Hogies 4.7oz 48 ct Case-----------$7.99 (6/$1)-------Save $8 by the case
Fiesta Bean & Cheese Burritos 5.5oz 48ct Case-----$9.60 (5/$1)-------Sale Price
Chix Sausage Patty Biscuit 3.35oz 100ct Case---$19.99-------------Save $13 by the case

Baked Goods/Bread Products
Whole Grain Prebaked Biscuits 210ct------------$5.99--------Sale Price
Pizza Crusts Assorted Sizes & kinds---------------$9.99 to $14.99/case-----Save $5-$10
Wheat Fettuccine Fresh Pasta 6lb Box-----------$3.99-------Save $2 by the case
Lemon Quattro Cakes 30lb Case 4 Cakes--------$19.99-----Save $40 over Reg Wholesale
Chocolate Chip Muffins 4oz 48ct Case---------------$11.99 (4/$1)-------Save $8 by the case
Buttermilk Dessert Bars Twin Pack 72ct Case------$6.99----------------Save $8 by the case
Honey Wheat Donuts 3oz 80ct Case------------$9.99-----------------Save $6 by the case
Blueberry Muffin Tops 2.2oz 72ct Case--------$15.99----------------Save $8 by the case

Beverages/Frozen Treats
School Milks 1/2pint 70ct Case-----------------------$2.99-------Save $7 by the case
Vanilla Ice Cream Mix 2.5gallon Bag-----------------$7.99------Save $2 over Reg Price of $9.99
Minute Maid Peach Smoothie 12x32oz Cartons---$5.99-------Save $18 by the case

Chicken Flavored Soup with Pancetta 4x8lb Bags ---------$19.99/case----Save $4 by the case
Breaded Banana Pepper Rings 12lb Case---------------------$4.99-------------Save $7 by the case
Peach Shortcake Fruit Cups 4oz 96ct Case------$15.99----------------Save $8 by the case
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