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Old 06-18-2004, 07:30 PM
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If the store is out of an advertised "on sale" item, get a raincheck. Use it later with your coupons.

Ask for a raincheck.* A "rain check" will allow you to purchase the desired item at a later time at the bargain price. You may have anywhere from 60 days to a year to buy that product at the sale price even when it's back to regular price once they have it back in stock... By the time they restock the product or you are ready to buy it, new coupons may have come out!

If you have a raincheck, order coupons to go with it from one of the online coupon services.

always get them for the deals that I miss during those 3 day sales (sunday - tuesday) from the sunday paper. Some rainchecks last for 60 days so I make sure I always keep an eye on them if they are items that are not a high priority - like cookies - so as not to completely forget them.


Grocery stores are required to offer rain checks, unless the advertisement clearly states that "quantities are limited," or unless the store can establish that advertised items were ordered in time for delivery and were in sufficient quantities to meet the public's reasonably anticipated demand. This rule gives grocery stores the flexibility to advertise bargain items that they are unable to stock in large quantities or at certain outlets. Such items may be seasonal products, like specialty holiday foods or perishables.

Instead of a rain check, stores are permitted to offer a substitute item of comparable value to the sale item at the sale price. Or the store may offer some form of compensation that is at least equal in value to the advertised item.

If you cannot find an advertised product on the merchant's shelf, ask for it. If the store has run out, you should ask for a rain check, a substitute or other compensation. In most cases, retailers will provide you with one of these options.

If you know that a particular grocery store routinely runs out of advertised specials without stating that quantities are limited, and does not provide you with a raincheck, a substitute item or some other compensation, write to:

Correspondence Branch
Federal Trade Commission
Washington, DC 20580

If a retailer advertises products for sale that are unavailable, for the purpose of luring you into the store, or if the salesperson is critical of the advertised product, so that he or she can try to sell you more expensive merchandise, then the store is engaging in illegal "bait and switch" advertising.

If you are not satisfied with any retail establishment's "rain-check" policy, or believe that the merchant has engaged in deceptive or bait and switch advertising, notify your local consumer protection office, State Attorney General, or your State Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services'.

Rain checks
If there is an advertized sale price on an item that you can use but don't need right away and have no coupons for yet. Shop late on the last day the sale price is good and take a chance they will be out of the item or out of at least one version of that item. You can then get a raincheck, most here are good for up to 30 days, which gives you time to try and "find' some coupons to add on.
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Old 01-15-2010, 09:49 AM
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Join Date: Jun 2004
Posts: 1,157

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