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Old 08-06-2004, 08:26 AM
hers6 hers6 is offline
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Default frugal wedding tips, anyone?

my daughter just got engaged and we will be making wedding plans so i am looking for frugal tips. please lmk any ideas + suggestions you might have! thanks !!!!!!!!
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Old 08-06-2004, 08:48 AM
minivanmama minivanmama is offline
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Fun fun fun!!!!!!!

My baby sister just got engaged too, so I know what you are feeling! My parents weren't expecting it and now are scraping things together. First let me ask a couple questions:

1) Are you members of a church? When I married the church and reception hall were free because of my membership in the church. My sister is paying $400 for a church and $1400 for a reception site

2) what time of year is the wedding? Choosing flowers that are in season can save $$$. Also, watch for good hobby lobby sales, you can get beautiful flowers and make arragements and centerpieces. Also, If she/you have had friends get married recently you can ask to borrow church decor or flowers, etc. My other sister did this and the lending friend was soooooo pleased to be asked and to see her things get more use.

3) Do you sew? My mother in law made all her dd's wedding dresses, and dresses for all the little neices and vests and ties for the nephews. She bought each thing she needed at JoAnns one at a time with the 50% one item coupons. Also, my sister just got a fantastic deal on a beautiful dress at david's bridal. Also, if she doesn't mind you can find veils used (well, you can find it all used!) and save a bundle.

4 What kind of reception does she want? We had a friend who is a Dj, so we had a small buffet with finger foods , cake, and punch and a little dance. Nothing real flashy, but nice enough to enjoy. A youth from our church was trying to earn money to go to a trip to NY so we paid her to cater. She did a WONDERFUL job and earned the $$ she wanted, and cost a lot less than have a resturant do it.

Good luck and congratulations! Have fun and keep us posted!

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Old 08-06-2004, 08:57 AM
stacyo99 stacyo99 is offline
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make your own centerpieces and stuff. Go to Wal-mart or some craft store near you and you can get the stuff pretty cheap. Walmart (well around here anyways) has the unity candles, glasses, etc(they are still a pretty penny, but not as much as you'd pay if you got it out of a catalog). You can also save $ by making the bouquets from fake flowers. And to help em with money for after the wedding dont forget the wedding dance and/or the money wells.

I also watched on Oprah (years ago), this lady had an amazing wedding. She went to florists, caterers, etc and asked them if they'd donate their services for free advertisment. She got everything she needed for her wedding (almost everythng was donated except the jewlery and clothing, possibly even those, I dont remember), and in return she made these posters/handouts thanking the companies as well as thanked them during her speech...lol.
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Old 08-06-2004, 10:13 AM
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jilliebean jilliebean is offline
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When we got married we rented a large conference room in an office building for $50! There was a kitchen and everything so it was great! We did our own decorating (get tablecloths, napkins, etc at local restaurant supply store).

My mom is a great seamstress so she made my dress. I made my veil/headpiece. Easy and fun! I also made all the centerpieces and the favors.

A friend of the family made the bouquets (silk) as her gift to us. You can also do these inexpensively yourself if you're crafty. Most of the supplies you'd need are readily available. I'm pretty sure I've seen them even at WalMart! Recently I noticed our local Dollar Store has a bridal section.

I found a book called (something like this anyway as I don't have it in front of me) "How to Plan a Large Wedding on a Small Budget" to be extremely helpful. There are some great ideas in there!

We kept food simple, but here in Utah receptions tend to be more like an Open House than a regular reception with a meal so it was easy. You might try finger foods, that type of thing to keep the meal cost down.

Music was important to us so we spent a proportionally larger part of our budget hiring a classical guitarist. My advice would be to decide what is most important to the couple.

Save on invitations by ordering simple, engraved ones. We didn't have a printed picture or anything because that adds a LOT to the cost. And when you think about it, the invitations likely end up in the trash anyway. Ours was plain, but elegant, with script on a card. You can add your own picture to the envelope if you wish. Then the recipient can save the picture how they'd like.

I'm sure you will get TONS of great advice!
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Old 08-06-2004, 10:18 AM
ahunter1 ahunter1 is offline
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Default We had our reception at a picnic shelter...

And we had it catered. They gave us cloth table clothes to use on the picnic tables. We had a huge cake made, but I provided the real flowers and the cake topper. And for centerpieces (which you don't even need) you can use pillar candles in your specific color form Big Lots or Value City or the Dollar store.

And one thing that we did, that I absolutely cherish: we bought a bunch (20, maybe) of disposable cameras. We attached alittle note that said to take some pictures and pass the cameras around, then to leave them on the table when it was all done. So I have over 400 candid shots, closer to 500 of my reception. We spent about $200 on film and developing. And it was worth it!

Oh and I used real carnations rather than roses (I think they smell better). And I bought all the flowers loose and made up the bouquets myself. And I only had one attendant, and five flower girls. We got the flower girl dresses at Value City for $13 each.

My mom made my wedding dress and that saved a lot.

Good luck!!
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Old 08-06-2004, 02:32 PM
Cassie Cassie is offline
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I used disposable cameras at my wedding in addition to a photographer for a short period. We also had a friend shooting a home video.

The photographer was there for two hours. He covered the ceremony, a lot of posed photos and took one shot of each table + cake. I regret spending so much time posing for photos rather than mingling.

The disposable cameras were a big disappointment the quality of the shots was poor even though they had a flash everything was very dark. The subject matter people picked was very questionable, unless you like shots down peoples dresses or somone letting their kid take pictures of their shoes.

The wedding video was okay, but hardly a necessity. A friend edited it. I would not recommend paying a lot for wedding video.

Guest book - Could kick myself over this one. I bought a really pretty monogramed (and expensive) guest book. Only three pages out of 20 were used and someone put one of those "funny" names in.

At this point (9 years) all the photos/videos do not add anything to my memories of the day. Maybe when I am older and my memory is going I will appreciate them more.

Mirrors under the flower arrangments make them look more impressive.

At my sister-in-law's wedding, they held it in her parents backyard (big and well landscaped so it was nice). They had friends do the photos/DJ. Served trays of finger food from the supermarket deli. The centerpieces were floating candles in glass bowls. Her mother did all the flower arrangements/bouquets. Rather than a wedding dress from a speciality store she bought a cream evening dress (Jessica McClintock). The major problem with the day was that they held it in Florida in the Summer so it was way too hot to be outside. They had a display of bride/groom childhood photos for people to ooh and ahh over.
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Old 08-10-2004, 10:37 PM
nickyad's Avatar
nickyad nickyad is offline
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WOW...a wedding..
I remember my wedding!!!! Hmm...some things We did..

His side of the family arranged the food for the reception!!! I had no idea what we were going to have for dinner..OR if there was even going to be dinner...But they had everything worked out...Everyone on his side of the family Piched in...from his immediate mom and dad to his aun'ts and uncles and even those that were traveling TO the wedding from out of state!!! from UT and CA..

My dad who at the time was a single dad bought my Wedding dress that although was not 2nd hand i got somewhat cheap..800...not bad...And to make things even better the little store i went to was run by some seamstresses that gave me a really great deal ESPECIALLy when they found out that i was picking out my wedding dress by myself and my best friend..they asked where my mom and sister's and aunts were and i told them that my mom lived far away (north dakota and that all my aunts lived too far from PHX to travel to) So they were really NICE!!! They altered my dress to fit my big bust and to be not so long FOR FREE!! They let me rent the veil and bustie? (all the undergarment stuff like the puffy dress that goes underneath and the bustier ?is that how it's spelt ?) at a discounted price and even let me buy the NEW shoes at a discount...

And then my DH's aunts all did the decorations for the hall and an aunt of his from out of town brought the centerpieces that she made which were just some fake flowers and a tea light...

As part of our church we got to use the church for free..the back area of the church where all the after/church events go on..So that's where we had our wedding ceremony and also the reception...I regret paying what i did for my flowers..We had our ceremony in a very very small town and there were only 2 ladies who did flowers in that town and both were priced the same---expensive...SO we just chose 1 lady and she didn't do too much of a good job..>My flowers looked okay..BUT Not as i was hopeing they would look... I had attendants each who bought their own dress at a RAMPAGE in a local outlet mall for $18 dollars each...and theyw were nice in fact 1 attendent had to return her dress to get a bigger size and when she took it back (it had been within 7 days of the original purchase) and the price of the dresses had decreased to like $9 so she got somem money refunded to her.... There was a lady in my church who did flower arrangements so she made my attenedants' bouquets...

HM.....my dad and his family piched in to buy the cake.....my dad paid for our hotel room in the town about 30 min's away..which included free hot breakfast in the morning....
Lots of friends from HIGH SCHOol 9since we got married in nov of 1999 and we had graduated HS in may 1999 were there so they took lots of pictures...My uncle recorded the ceremony..BUT for somereason forgot to check that it was recording sound..SO we have a video but no sound...
my aunt bought the recpetion book and pen and the cake cutter and slicer thingy..and my maid of honor bought my something blue (a garter)........Hm...2 nights before the wedding my maid of honor thru a sleepover for us girls and we had doritos and they did my nails and gave me a massage and we watched movies about weddings and stuff..

OH YES!!! my hair!!!
I went to the town abotu 30 min away the day of my wedding (i had made an appointment) to have my hair done..and i just wanted it curled and put up...but the ladies there were so NICe as were all the other soon to be brides plus i was the only one who had the earlist wedding they each gave me their extra roses and baby breaths and hair stuff for me to have in my hair!!! talk about nice..they all had their attendants and friends and mom's there ...i came alone..so maybe that is why they were so sympathetic...

Hm..but yeah..sorry so long....i just wanted to share my story!!!
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Old 08-11-2004, 07:50 PM
MustangSally MustangSally is offline
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Shower Gift...When my brother and his wife got married for their shower I put together a gift that FILLED an entire car..They just bought a house...so what do newlyweds need in a NEW HOUSE???LOTS OF Stuff.

I got a laundry basket and filled it with laundry soap, shout, dryer sheets, and other various laundry supplies....Then a mop bucket with mop, filled with EVERY cleaning supply you can think of, and need....fanatstick, pledge, etc.

Then I went into the kitchen and filled it with all the little things you can use as staples, salt, pepper, sugar, flour, ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc, snacks they both like, cleaning supplies for kitchen, garbage bags, dish soap, electrasol, paper towels, kleenex, etc.

Moved to the bathroom....can you guess??yes toilet paper, air freshner, windex, toothpaste, deoderant, shampoo, conditioner, soap, bandaids, mouthwash, etc

Of course, I bought hampers to put all the stuff in for them and iron/ironing board and a few other things, but they loved it...They didn't have to run to the store to buy anything until they got all settled it...I spoke to the brides mom to find out her likes and dislikes and was able to match things she really liked to use.
If you can't say anything nice....don't say anything.
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Old 08-11-2004, 08:19 PM
PYPmember PYPmember is offline
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What an amazing gift...so common and needed, yet so personal. It was very thoughtful that you found everyday items for the home to make them feel at home when they got back from the honeymoon. What a great idea!
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Old 08-12-2004, 07:26 AM
hers6 hers6 is offline
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Default thanks everyone!

thanks so much for all the frugal tips, i am sharing them with my dd and will use many of them! keep 'em coming!
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