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9 Tips for Flying with Kids............

flying-with-kidsI’ve been writing a lot of tips lately on summer vacations, because spring is upon us and before you know it, it will be time to go on summer vacation, which I absolutely cannot wait for. Some of you may decide to take your family on a road trip to a destination, while some of you may decide that it’s just simply better to fly instead. If you decide to fly to your vacation destination, I’m going to give you some tips that will make the whole process easier for you and your family, because flying with kids isn’t going to be an easy task. Scroll down to check out some of my tips.

#1. Don’t Become Discouraged

Sure, it’s not an easy task to fly with your kids, but it’s not an easy task to take your children anywhere. If you’re able to take your children out to a sit-down restaurant without too much of a hassle, you’ll be able to take your kids on an airplane.

#2. Dress Warm

Airplanes are typically somewhat chilly, so you may want to dress everyone in hoodies or sweaters. Coats are a bad idea, because they’re bulky.

#3. Dress Simple

This goes along with the tip above. Dress as simple as possible, because bulky clothes (like coats) will get in the way. Also, you’re going to go through security, so you may want to have all of your family members wear slip-on shoes, because they will have to come off during security checks. Also, keep in mind how small airplane bathrooms are. You don’t want to be in an airplane bathroom and have to take layers of clothing.

#4. Let the Kids Play

Most airports are now starting to include play areas for children. Allow them to play in these areas before going through security, so they wear themselves out. That way, they won’t mind as much when they have to sit for hours in an airplane.

#5. Bring Wipes

Wipes are something that every parent needs to keep readily available to them, because kids will make messes and get sticky hands. I suggest you keep wipes easily accessible, even on the airplane.

#6. Bring an Easily Accessible Change of Clothes

Accidents happen sometimes and there’s nothing you can do about it. One of your kids may spill a cup of orange juice on themselves and you’ll have to clean them up. It’s important that you bring an extra pair of clothes for each child that will be easily accessible in the event that they make a mess.

#7. Bring Chewing Gum

Pressure during takeoff can really hurt your children’s ears, so bring some chewing gum and offer each of them a piece before takeoff. Yes, this really does help with the pain.

#8. Sit in the Back

The back is typically going to be the best area for a family, so you don’t bother as many people.

#9. Bring Toys / Entertainment

It’s important that you bring some type of toys for your children, because they will definitely want to play with something on the plane. Try to bring toys that don’t make noise and won’t make a mess.

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7 Tips to Stop Wasting So Much Food............

wasting foodBeing a frugal person I hate to see any food being thrown away. Throwing away food is like throwing money directly into the trash can. Also, it’s a shame, but most Americans throw away 30% of their groceries they buy every single month. Now, that’s a pretty big number when it comes to waste. So, am I saying that you should continue stuffing yourself even after you’re full? No, I’m not saying that at all, because that’s not good for you. However, I am going to give you some tips on how you can stop wasting so much food.

#1. Make a List

I always preach that you should have a grocery list to stick by for many reasons. Grocery lists will save you money and time. You’ll be able to get exactly what you need and you’ll know exactly what you need. That way, you’re in and out of the grocery store as quickly as possible and you save money. Try to avoid making impulse purchases on things that aren’t on your list, because you don’t need these things. This could lead to overspending and food waste.

#2. Buy What You’ll Use

I know a lot of people that will buy things in bulk and a lot of what they end up buying will get tossed in the trash. If you have a recipe that calls for a couple potatoes, you shouldn’t buy a whole bag. Instead, just get what you need and be done with it.

#3. Make Realistic Purchases

Do you live by yourself; if so, do you really need that whole bag of apples that would be able to feed a whole family of six; probably not, unless you’re an apple-eating machine. Therefore, you should just buy enough apples that you’ll be able to eat on your own.

#4. Get Creative

Did you plan on hosting a dinner party, but you ended up having to cancel the party for whatever reason? If so, you shouldn’t throw out that fancy schmancy cheese you bought. Instead, come up with a recipe that incorporates the ingredients you purchased for the dinner.

#5. Rearrange Your Fridge on Grocery Day

When you get home from the grocery store after going shopping and you’re about to stock the fridge, you should remember to put the older items in the front and put the new items in the back. That way, you’ll use up the older items first, so they don’t end up expiring.

#6. Take Note of Items You Throw Away

It’s important that you make a list of the items you throw out every week and go over the list frequently, so you know what you’re throwing out. For instance, are you throwing out half a gallon of milk every single week? If so, you may want to consider buying milk by the quart, instead of the gallon.

#7. Enjoy Leftovers

We have leftovers all the time and they make great snacks if you’re wondering what you should have between lunch and dinner. Also, some nights, I’ll take all of our leftovers, put them on the table and our family will have a feast. This saves money, eliminates food waste and I don’t have to cook a meal for the day. In other words, it’s a win-win situation for me.

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