Costco Price Comparison List

Have you ever wondered if shopping at Costco really does save you money?

Here at Pinching Your Pennies we have a thread in our forum consistently updated that gives you prices of items at Costco. A price comparison list. Print this out and take it with you the next time you go to the grocery store and compare….which is cheaper?

Now you can know!

Costco Price Comparison Thread


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  1. I keep a price book & have kept track of grocery store prices compared to Costco. I am so surprised at the jump their (Costco’s) prices have made just since last year- I have several items that went up $1-$2 in price; why don’t they raise it a few cents as they should? It’s ridiculous to jump their prices so much so quickly. The worst is Costco’s butter- it went up $3 in price in one year!
    So I totally agree- it’s good to pay attention to prices. I hate these price jumps though!

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