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Eastern Washington

Absorbine Jr. product, any $1/1 (6-1-16) SS-9/20

ACT Dry Mouth Mouthwash or Lozenge, excludes trial size $1/1 (12-31-15) DirectvRP-11/01

ACT Dry Mouth toothpaste, excludes trial size $3/1 (12-31-15) DirectvRP-11/01

ALPO 13.2-oz dog food cans, Buy 10 Get 2 FREE (12-27-15) SS-9/27

ALPO single cans of Mighty Dog dog food, Buy 10 Get 2 FREE (12-27-15) SS-9/27

Anti Monkey Butt product, any $1/1 (6-1-16) SS-9/20

Aveeno products, any. Excludes cleansing bars, moisturizing bars, trial sizes and 2.5-oz body lotion sizes $2/2 (12-12-15) CarbonaRP-11/01

Ball Park Flame Grilled patties, any $1.50/1 (12-6-15) RP-10/25

Belvita Biscuits, any packages 8.8-oz or larger $1/2 (11-28-16) SS-10/11

Betty Crocker Potatoes, any box or pouch. Excludes potato buds .50/2 (12-26-15) SS-11/01

Blue Diamond Artisan Nut Thins Crackers, any 4.25-oz box .75/1 (12-16-15) SS-10/11

Blue Diamond Nut Thins Crackers, any 4.25-oz boxes $1/2 (12-6-15) SS-10/11

Blue Isle Mediterranean Spread flavor, any package $1/1 (12-31-15) SS-8/30

Blue Star product, any $1.50/1 (6-1-16) SS-9/20

Buddig original 2-oz packages, any $1/5 (12-31-15) SS-10/18

Buddig Original or Premium Deli item 8-oz or larger, any .75/1 (12-31-15) SS-10/18

Bushs Baked Beans 28-oz, Grillin Beans 21-22oz OR Asian BBQ 22oz size $1/2 (12-9-15) SS-10/25

Bushs Baked Beans, any 16-oz cans $1/3 (12-9-15) SS-10/25

Bushs Chili Beans FREE when you buy any Bushs Variety beans. Excludes Bush's Baked Beans, Grillin beans, Cocina Latina and Chili Magic (12-11-15) SS-10/11

C and H Granules product, any $1/1 (12-31-15) RP-10/11

C and H Organic 24-oz OR 32-oz Washed Raw Sugar product .40/1 (1-9-16) CarbonaRP-11/01

C and H product in a flip-top canister $1/1 (1-9-16) CarbonaRP-11/01

C and H Sugar, any product 2-lbs or larger .40/1 (1-19-16) CarbonaRP-11/01

C and H, any product in a Flip-Top Canister $1/1 (12-31-15) RP-10/11

Carbona 2 in 1 Oxy-Powered Carpet Cleaner, any 27.5 FL OZ bottle $1.50/1 (1-31-16) CarbonaRP-11/01

Celestial Seasonings Teas, any boxes $1/2 (2-1-16) SS-11/01

Centrum Vitamints 60-ct or larger, any $2/1 (12-31-15) DirectvRP-11/01

Chex cereal or granola mix, any box .50/1 (12-12-15) SS-11/01

Childrens Advil product, any $1/1 (1-3-16) DirectvRP-11/01

Childrens Dimetapp product, any $1/1 (1-3-16) DirectvRP-11/01

Childrens Robitussin product, any $1/1 (1-3-16) DirectvRP-11/01

Clear Care or Opti-Free, any twin pack 20-oz or larger $5/1 (12-13-15) SS-11/01

Clear Care Solution 12-oz or larger, any $1.50/1 (12-13-15) SS-11/01

Corn Huskers lotion, any. Excludes trial sizes $1/1 (6-1-16) SS-9/20

Cortizone 10 Lotion or Cream $1/1 (12-12-15) DirectvRP-11/01

Crunchmaster Crackers, any bag or box $1/1 (12-31-15) SS-9/27

Danimals Squeezables 4-pack, any $1/1 (12-12-15) SS-10/18

Desenex product, any $2/1 (12-12-15) SS-10/18

Dole Fruit Bowls Red Grapefruit Sunrise, any package .75/1 (12-6-15) DisneySS-9/13

Dole No Sugar Added Fruit Bowls, any package .75/1 (12-20-15) SS-9/27

Egglands Best Cage Free Eggs .50/1 (2-1-16) SS-11/01

Egglands Best Eggs .50/1 (2-1-16) SS-11/01

Egglands Best Eggs .35/1 (12-13-15) VisionWorkSS-9/13

Egglands Best Eggs Cage Free .50/1 (12-13-15) VisionWorkSS-9/13

Energems, any 21-count bottle $1/1 (1-31-16) SS-10/25

Energizer brand batteries OR Energizer brand flashlight .75/1 (12-5-15) SS-11/01

Energizer EcoAdvanced, Energizer Ultimate Lithium, Energizer Advanced Lithium, Energizer Recharge Power Plus Or Energizer Recharge Universal batteries, any AA/AAA 4-pk or larger $1.25/1 (12-5-15) SS-11/01

Energizer EZ Turn and Lock Hearing Aid batteries, any pack $1.50/1 (12-5-15) SS-11/01

Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat Food cans $3/48 cans OR $3/2 24-ct packs OR $3/4 12-ct (12-31-15) SS-9/20

Farm Rich Wings or Chicken Bites, any $1.25/1 (12-31-15) DisneySS-9/13

Farmer John Bacon product, any .75/1 (12-18-15) SS-10/18

Farmer John Dinner Sausage, any $1.50/1 (12-25-15) SS-10/25

Farmer John Hot Dogs, any $1/2 (12-18-15) SS-10/18

Fiber One Chewy bars, Fiber One 90 Calorie products, Fiber One Protein Chewy bars, Fiber One Streusel Bars, Fiber One Cheesecake bars OR Fiber one Cookies, any box .50/1 (12-19-15) SS-10/25

Frigo Cheese Heads Wisconsin Snacking Cheese, any 10-ct package or larger $1/1 (12-31-15) SS-11/01

Friskies Wet Cat Food cans $3/48 cans OR $3/2 24-ct 24-ct packs OR $3/4 (12-31-15) SS-9/20

General Mills Big G cereals including Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Chex, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, Trix, Reeses Puffs, Fiber One, Cookie Crisp, Golden Grahams, Kix, Total, Wheaties, Dora the Explorer, Hersheys Cookies n Crème, SpongeBob SquarePants, Oatmeal Crisp, Raisin Nut Bran, Basic 4, or Star Wars, any boxes $1/3 (12-5-15) SS-10/25

Giovanni Rana refrigerated pasta, any $1/1 (12-31-15) RP-10/11

Giovanni Rana refrigerated sauces, any variety $1/1 (12-31-15) RP-10/11

Gold Bond Diabetics Dry Skin, Eczema Relief, Strength and Resilience, Dark Spot Minimizing OR Rough and Bumpy. Excludes hand creams $1.50/1 (12-5-15) DirectvRP-11/01

Gold Bond Lotion 13-oz or larger, any $1.50/1 (12-5-15) DirectvRP-11/01

Gold Bond Lotion or Cream 2.4-oz to 8.1-oz, any $1/1 (12-5-15) DirectvRP-11/01

Halls Drops, any single bags 17-ct or larger $1/2 (12-12-15) SS-11/01

Hormel Compleats microwave meal OR Hormel Snackers dips OR Hormel Sandwich Makers product, any $1/1 (12-28-15) SS-11/01

ICAPS Eye Vitamin and Mineral product, any $10/1 (12-12-15) SS-11/01

Joint Flex cream, any 4-oz size $3/1 (12-31-15) SS-11/01

Lamisil product, any $2/1 (12-31-15) SS-10/18

Lavazza product, any $2/1 (1-31-16) SS-10/18

Lavazza product, any $3.50/2 (1-31-16) SS-10/18

Lee Kum Kee product, any $1/1 (12-31-15) SS-6/21

Life Choice Nutrition Bar, any 5-ct box $1/1 (12-12-15) SS-10/11

Litehouse Organic Dressing, any $1/1 (1-31-16) SS-10/25

Lubriderm product 13-oz or larger, any $1.50/1 (12-31-15) CarbonaRP-11/01

Mahatma or WaterMaid Rice .50/1 (12-31-15) VitaBoneRP-9/13

Marie Callenders Frozen Multi-Serve meal or Family Size Chicken Pot Pie, any 24-45oz size $1/1 (12-6-15) VisionworkSS-10/04

Marie Callenders Single Serve Frozen Meals 10-19oz, any .75/3 (12-6-15) VisionworkSS-10/04

McCafe Coffee product, any. Not valid at McDonalds restaurants $1/1 (12-12-15) SS-11/01

McDONALDS COUPON- Buy 1 McCafe Beverage, Get 1 FREE. Valid at McDonalds (12-1-15) SS-11/01

MD Bath Tissue, any .50/1 (12-1-15) CarbonaRP-11/01

Mineral Ice product, any $2/1 (12-31-15) SS-10/18

Minute Ready to Serve Rice product, any .50/1 (12-12-15) VitaBoneRP-9/13

MJB Premium Coffee, any can $1/1 (12-31-15) SS-10/25

Nature Valley granola bars 5-ct or larger, Nature Valley Nut Crisp Bars, Nature Valley Granola Thins, Nature Valley Soft-Baked Oatmeal Squares, Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits, Nature Valley Fruteria OR Nature Valley Simple Nut bars, any boxes .50/2 (12-19-15) SS-10/25

No Yolks bags, any $1/2 (12-31-15) HealthyEssentialSS-10/04

OLIVE GARDEN COUPON- $2.00 off any two lunch entrees. Valid only at Olive Garden $2/2 (12-5-15) SS-10/18

OLIVE GARDEN COUPON- $5.00 off any two dinner entrees. Valid only at Olive Garden $5/2 (12-5-15) SS-10/18

OLIVE GARDEN COUPON-$5.00 off your ToGo order of $30 or more. Valid only at Olive Garden $5/$30 (12-5-15) SS-10/18

Opti-Free Solution 10-oz or larger, any $1.50/1 (12-13-15) SS-11/01

Oroweat Sliced Bread products, any .55/1 (1-21-16) SS-10/18

Ortega products, any .50/1 (12-31-15) VisionworkSS-10/04

OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE COUPON- $4.00 off the purchase of two adult lunch entrees. Valid only at Outback Steakhouse $4/2 (12-6-15) SS-10/11

OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE COUPON- $5.00 off the purchase of two adult dinner entrees. Valid only at Outback Steakhouse $5/2 (12-6-15) SS-10/11

PeroxiClear Twin Pack, any $4/1 (12-4-15) HealthyEssentialSS-10/04

PeroxiClear, any package 12-oz or larger $2/1 (12-4-15) HealthyEssentialSS-10/04

Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls or Grands Crescent Dinner Rolls, any cans .40/2 (1-23-16) SS-11/01

Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls OR Grands Crescent Dinner Rolls, any cans .40/2 (1-2-16) SS-10/11

Pillsbury Refrigerated Baked Goods products, any $1/3 (1-16-16) SS-10/25

Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands biscuits, any size or variety .30/2 (1-2-16) SS-10/11

Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands Biscuits, any size or variety .30/2 (12-5-15) VisionWorkSS-9/13

Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crusts, any packages .50/2 (1-23-16) SS-11/01

Pillsbury Sweet Rolls, Grands Sweet Rolls OR Cinnabon Bakery Inspired Cinnamon Rolls, any packages .40/2 (1-3-16) SS-10/11

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel OR Toaster Scrambles Pastries Or Pillsbury Pancakes, excludes Pillsbury Heat-n-go Mini pancakes .50/1 (12-18-15) SS-9/27

POM Antioxidant Super Tea, any .50/1 (12-31-15) SS-10/25

POM Juice, any .50/1 (12-31-15) SS-10/25

POM POMs, any 4.3-oz size cup .50/1 (12-31-15) SS-10/25

POM POMs, any 8-oz size cup .50/1 (12-31-15) SS-10/25

POM Wonderful Fresh Pomegranate, any .50/1 (12-31-15) SS-10/25

Premier Protein Bars OR Premier Protein Fiber Bars, any $1/2 (12-13-15) VisionWorkSS-9/13

Premier Protein Shake 4-pack or Premier Protein Smoothie 4-pack. Valid on 11oz 4-packs OR 8.25oz 4-packs $4/1 (12-13-15) VisionWorkSS-9/13

Progresso products, any. Excludes Progresso Pasta Bowl .50/2 (12-26-15) SS-11/01

Purina Dog Chow Little Bites, any bag 16.5-lbs or larger $4/1 (12-13-15) VisionWorkSS-9/13

Purina Dog Chow or Purina Puppy Chow, any bag 4-lbs or larger $1.50/1 (12-13-15) VisionWorkSS-9/13

Rayovac Alkaline Battery pack, any $1/1 (12-31-15) RP-10/25

Rayovac Hearing Aid Battery pack, any $2/1 (12-31-15) RP-10/25

Reames Egg noodle product, any .50/1 (12-13-15) SS-10/11

Revlon Haircolor, any $1/2 (12-5-15) SS-11/01

Rhodes Microwave Cinnamon Rolls, any package $1/1 (12-31-15) RP-10/25

Rhodes Rolls or Bread, any package $1/1 (12-31-15) RP-10/25

RID-X Septic System Treatment products, any $1/1 (12-14-15) VisionworkSS-10/04

Rolaids 3-pk rolls OR Rolaids Softchews twin packs, any $1/2 (12-31-15) DirectvRP-11/01

Rolaids Tablet or Liquid bottles, any. Excludes single rolls or 3-pack rolls $3/2 (12-31-15) DirectvRP-11/01

Skippy products, any .75/2 (12-28-15) SS-11/01

Slow Fe, any 30-ct or 60-ct package $2/1 (12-31-15) SS-10/11

SPAM Snacks product, any $1/1 (12-28-15) SS-11/01

Starbucks 8-ct box of Hot Cocoa Mix, any $1/1 (12-31-15) SS-10/18

Starbucks K-cup Pods, any boxes $2/2 (12-18-15) SS-10/18

Starbucks VIA Instant beverage, any $1/1 (1-31-16) SS-10/11

Sunbelt Bakery product, any .75/1 (1-4-16) SS-10/18

Supreme Source Grain Free Dog Food, any bag 6-lbs or larger $3/1 (12-31-15) RP-8/09

Supreme Source Grain Free Dog Food, any bag 6-lbs or larger $5/1 (1-31-16) HerbalEssencesRP-10/04

Supreme Source Grain-Free Dog Food, any bag 6-lbs or larger $3/1 (12-31-15) VitaBoneRP-9/13

Systane product 4 mL or more, any $3/1 (12-12-15) SS-11/01

Tabasco bottle 5-oz or larger, any flavor $1/1 (12-6-15) SS-10/25

The Good Table product, any .75/1 (12-19-15) SS-10/25

Tree Top product, any $1/1 (12-5-15) SS-10/25

Turkey Hill drinks, any half gallons or larger $1/2 (8-15-14) RP-5/15

Udderly Smooth, any tubes $1/1 8-oz or 12-oz OR $1/2 4-oz tubes (6-1-16) SS-9/20

Ultimate Helper Skillet Dishes or Helper, any boxes .75/3 (12-19-15) SS-10/25

Vanquish pain relieving caplets, any $3/1 (12-13-15) SS-10/25

Vita Bone Biscuits, any $1/1 (12-31-15) DirectvRP-8/02

Vita Bone Biscuits, any box $1/1 (12-31-15) RP-7/12

Vita Bone biscuits, any box $1.50/1 (2-29-16) RP-10/25

Vita Bone Dog Biscuits, any box $1/1 (1-31-16) VitaBoneRP-9/13

Wheaties cereal .50/1 (12-12-15) SS-11/01

Wisconsin Snack bite, Snack Stick or Summer Sausage item 4-oz or larger, any $1/1 (12-31-15) SS-10/18

Zing Stevia sweetener, any $1.50/1 (1-16-16) RP-10/25


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