DIY Kitchen Cupboard Cleaner

I am embarrassed to admit how dirty my kitchen cupboards are. So dirty! I decided to try a recipe that I found on Pinterest yesterday, and it worked great! I wanted to share it with you today.

I actually tried two different cleaners. The first one was a mixture of:
one part canola oil
two parts baking soda

Mix up until a thick paste, then use a cleaning toothbrush to scrub the crevices and outside of your cupboards. It is really thick, and kind of balls up while you are using it. The paste will turn dark with the grime. Here is a side by side comparison.

There is obviously a difference, but these cupboards were not as dirty as the ones below. It is just me or do the cupboards on the lower level get filthy? Since these cupboards were much dirtier, I tried an additional solution besides the baking soda and oil. For this one, I mixed:
about 1/2 c. white vinegar
2 cups warm water
4 TBL. baking soda
a few drops of dish-washing liquid

I scrubbed that on with the toothbrush as well. This solution worked great on the caked-on grime. Here is a before and after using that:

Now you have to admit that those pictures definitely speak for themselves! I can’t believe how clean they got. I am sold on cleaning my cupboards using these two solutions. I was able to clean several yesterday and I will finish more today. This is a very cost effective way to clean and most likely you already have everything in your pantry to do the job!

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