FREE Food Storage Online Tracking System

In my family we are trying to be more prepared for emergencies. One way we are doing this is to have a good food storage in place. Our ultimate goal is to have a one year food storage. Most of this consists of long-term items, like wheat and other grains and pastas, sugar, oils, etc. We also try to have a short-term food storage, more like a 3-4 month supply of what we use on a regular basis on had as well. We find that by doing this, we are giving ourselves peace of mind as well as being smart with our regular meal planning. But these past few years I have struggled with a good way to organized what I have and how to keep track of it. Well, I found something that works great for us, and it might for you too! is a FREE resource for you to keep track of your food storage! All you do is enter how many people are in your family, what you have, and how many months you want storage for. It tells you where you are at immediately!

It literally took me just minutes to find out how much storage we have. I am currently working towards a year’s worth of food storage for my family. I found out I am 40% towards my goal of having a years worth of food storage for my family. All you do is add in what you have, then subtract out what you use. It is very user friendly. Here is part of me page and what it looks like. (Click to enlarge).

So far using this method has worked really well for me. There are also some other useful free tools on the website. It can help you get prepared. You can:

Food storage calculator to find out what your family needs
Create your own customized categories
Keep track of food and supplies
Create foods based on your diet
Calculate emergency supplies
Food and supply needs updated as you change your goal or family size

Try it and see how it works for you!


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