Frugal Summer Kid Craft: Juice Box Boats

A little while ago I saw these ADORABLE juice box boats online by Inchmark. How freaking cute! I love finding ideas like this where we can use items we would otherwise throw away. Since we had some juice boxes I told the kids we were going to have fun making them today. They quickly drank their juice to empty the boxes.

Here is our version of the juice box boats. (We forgot to do the flags on top! Oh well) I had everything on hand. I used heavy cardstock though since I didn’t have the Tvyek envelopes. I am a firm believer on using what you have on hand for projects like this. The kids loved making their boats and picking the numbers for their sail. I made one too!

We put the boats into a plastic tote in the backyard. Oh so cute.

The kids even tried blowing them. But since I have crazy boys this didn’t last long…..

They quickly decided to have a contest to see who could make their boat sink first. Thus began the smashing and demolishing.

Then my oldest decided it would fly better than it would float.

In less than 10 minutes our picture perfect boats were torn into shreds. But we has so much fun!

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