Ombre Painted Dresser

I’m not usually one for following what is trendy in my home decor, but I do love the Ombre look.  Even if you don’t know the word, I’m sure you’ve seen it around; it refers to a gradation of color and can be spotted everywhere from home decor:

to clothing:

to hair:

and I love it!

If you want to add this trend to your home, it is a pretty easy technique to produce a big wow factor.

I started with the dresser that’s been in my daughter’s room.  I didn’t get a picture of it before I took the drawers out  (what is with me and before pictures!?!) but it is your basic inexpensive laminate furniture store dresser.

Start by taking the drawers out and removing all the knobs. I stick the screw part of the knob through a box like this to hold them while they dry.

Give everything two smooth coats of a good gripping primer (if you’re unfamiliar with painting laminate furniture, read this post first.) and let it dry. I chose for this project to paint the body of the cabinet white, so I did that next and set it aside to dry while I worked on the drawers.

First up, mixing the paint for the Ombre effect.  This dresser has 5 drawers, so I needed 5 different colors.  I started with the top drawer being white and the bottom drawer being the same color of pink that I painted her bedroom ceiling.

I poured an equal amount of pink and white into one container (the middle one), then about the same amount of paint into another container, but this time more pink than white (the lefthand one) and then the same thing in reverse in a third container – more white than pink (the righthand one).

Mix them all well and line them up with the plain pink and plain white to see if you like the color values.  Add more pink and/or white as needed to achieve the color gradation you are happy with.

Don’t forget about the knobs!  This is the world’s worst picture to show what I actually did – sorry – but I painted each set of 2 knobs one of the five colors.

Once everything has received 2 coats and is very dry (wait at least overnight – the longer you let this cure the sturdier the paint will be!) reassemble the drawers.  I reversed the knobs, so that the darkest pink ones are on the white drawer and vice versa.

Love how this turned out, and not any harder than just painting it plain!

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