Stretch Canned Frosting With This Simple Tip

Have you ever been in the middle of baking up a batch of cupcakes and then realized you might not have enough frosting to cover them all? I hate this feeling and the idea that I would have to load all my kiddos into the car for a quick run to the store. I’d much rather just be able to finish what I started.

I picked up this little tip I thought I would share it with you. Now there is no need to stress about a quick trip to the store as long as you have 1 can of ready made frosting. Plus I love any tip that helps stretch a dollar. You can easily double the frosting you have on hand by following these simple steps.


1 can of frosting

Tools needed:

hand mixer
plastic wrap


Empty frosting can into a bowl.
Beat with the hand mixer on medium low speed for about a minute or until you can see that the frosting has almost doubled in volume.
Use immediately or cover and refrigerate until ready to use.

It’s really just that simple. I find this tip not only stretches your dollar but it also cuts the sugar your consuming in half and no one even knows what their missing. :)


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