PYP Pick of the Day (2)~ FREE at Barnes & Nobles

Credit goes to Supermod Deweyville for this awesome (and FUN) freebie!

Barnes & Nobles Kids Summer Reading Club for grades 1-6


Here’s how it works:

1. Kids read any eight (8) books of their own choosing.

2. Kids use the Summer Reading Journal to tell us their favorite part of each book. A parent/guardian signs the journal when it’s complete. You can also get a Spanish-language Reading Journal.

3. Children bring their completed Reading Journal to a Barnes & Noble store between May 26th & September 7th, 2009.

4. We’ll give them a coupon for a FREE book! They choose from a list of exceptional paperback titles.*

See PYP forum thread for all details and club link.

PYP Pick of the Day~ Dining Out Deals (and there’s some goodies)

To make up for the past few missed days, I’m giving you a few good upcomimg deals/promotions for area restaurants, goodies and fast food joints. BTW, HUGE thank you to PYP member Thomsenmom for sharing some of these deals.


* repost of PYP super mod Jodi’s hot find. Jamba Juice printable buy one get one FREE cpn.

*Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is offering a buy 1 get 1 FREE Sundae offer every Monday this summer, through 8/31. This page also has store locator. Know that Gateway has a busy location by the Olympic fountain.

*Little Ceasar’s FREE Crazy bread with Pizza Purchase printable cpn. (Note: cpn is from KSL’s website, limited to participating stores in Utah & Colorado)

*FREE Kids meals after 5 PM at Taco Del Mar (only 1 UT location in Clinton, but great idea if you are traveling!)

*Quiznos Printable Cpns, including buy 1 get 1 FREE

*Rubio’s, sign up for the Beach Club, get cpns including one for a FREE Taco!

and my favorite!!!

*Einstein Bros Bagels printable cpn for buy 1 get 1 FREE lunches, bagels or salads. YUM!!! (watch expiration of 7/3)

Diet, Exercise & Healthy Living Forum @

Did you know that has a Diet, Exercise & Healthy Living Forum? Meet & share stories with other members with similar exercise and weight loss goals!

Plus, offers like…

Join Curves Now and Get 50% OFF & 30 DAYS ON US!
Sign Up Now and get your FREE Fitness Plan today @ Curves

Attend a free class in your area!
Sign up now @ Weight Watchers

Digital Scrapbooking on the Cheap Part 2: Save Money on Software

A couple of days ago I talked about how to reduce the need for extra hardware when you start digital scrapbooking. Today we’re going to talk about saving money on the software involved. I am not going to discuss the merits and drawbacks of individual software programs; instead, I’m going to show you how to try a lot of them for free, and how to save money on the software that you ultimately decide is right for you.

Use Free Trials
You can put off buying software by using free trials. Almost all scrapbooking programs have thirty-day limited use trials. If you stagger one trial at a time, you can have five or six months of free scrapbooking before you actually have to spring for a program. Before you start a free trial, prep by downloading all the kits you like (that post is coming up next) and planning or sketching some pages you want to do. That way when you start your trial, you can focus on actually generating pages, not on gathering material or planning layouts.

Here are some links for free trials:

Adobe CS4
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Paint Shop Pro
Scrapbook Max
Photo Impact
Digital Scrapbook Place has a page with links to free software trials.
Memory Mixer’s website has a free trial coming soon here.

Use Free Software
Additionally, there are a few free layout programs available online. Layout programs have less versatility and fewer options than design programs do, but they’re still a functional way for a beginning scrapper to put some pages together. I haven’t used any of these programs myself, but I’ve seen other scrappers and forums speak of them favorably.

Scrapbook Flair
Scrapblog (Thanks Jill and Stephen) for the tip.

When You Buy, Buy Cheaply
If you decide that you love digital scrapping, you’re going to end up wanting buy one of the major digital scrapbooking programs like PSE, Memory Mixer, or Photoshop.When that time comes, here are some possibilities for saving money.

1. Search for local deals on your software. Shoplocal searches your local ads for sales, so if you find a good deal there you can just run to the store and get it. There are real bargains to be had here, too.
2. Search for online deals on your software. To support PYP, you can come back and use PYP’s affiliate links to make your actual purchase.
3. Consider buying an older version. Once a new version of a program comes out, you can often buy the old version fairly cheaply. These older versions usually have most of the features that the new ones have at a fraction of the price. For instance, I inherited PSE 4.0 from my grandmother when she upgraded to 6.0. It’s beautifully functional and I’ve never wanted to do something and not been able to do it because I had an older version of PSE. IF I were just starting out, I could buy this perfectly workable version on Ebay for 15 dollars, and I’d be in scrapbooking business! Just make sure that you’re buying the software, and not a software manual.
4. Check your local warehouse stores for deals or coupons. For instance, right now Costco has a coupon for 30 dollars off the new PSE 7.0 software. This makes it 40 percent cheaper than it is on

Stay tuned! Coming next is a guide to downloading free digital scrapbooking materials. You’re going to love what you learn!

If you’re interested in other aspects of frugal digital scrapbooking, you can read the entire series.

PYP Daily Pick ~ Jamba Juice – Buy 1, Get 1 Free Smoothie

Cool off this summer by printing out this coupon and getting two Jamba Juice smoothies for the price of 1. Offer valid until 7/12/09.

PYP Daily Pick~ $5 off $25 purchase at Rite Aid (printable cpn)

HOT coupon at the great internet printable coupon site, $5 off when you spend $25 at your local Rite Aid. There are some other great coupons to be found there include $ .75 off gallon of milk. Check it out!

Also check out the great shopping list for all the great deals at Rite Aid (made by PYP SuperStar Rebecca!) this week at Pinching Your Pennies forums.

PYP Pick of the Day~ FREE Quart of Glidden Paint, starts today (6.25)

BIG thank you to SuperMod SeaBrz57 for finding this gem online. The Glidden National Paint Giveaway! Starts 6/25 (while supplies last), pick your color and receive a cpn for a FREE quart of paint. Takes 3-4 weeks to receive your cpn via mail. See PYP forums for discussion. Happy Painting!

Digital Scrapbooking on the Cheap Part 1: External Hard Drives

Lots of people want to try digital scrapbooking, but they’re worried that between the software, the hardware, the digital elements, and the printing and storing of their designs, it’ll end up being just as expensive as traditional scrapbooking was. It’s true that digital scrapbooking can start racking up costs fast, but there are several techniques that can keep costs down. In this series, I’ll explore frugal options for software, hardware, materials, printing, storage and display. Stay tuned, and prepare to get hooked.

Many digital scrappers use external hard drives (EHDs) on which they store their materials and projects. Starting at fifty dollars and going up to 400, EHDs can put a serious dent in an aspiring digital scrapper’s wallet. Fortunately, there are several ways to save space and avoid needing an EHD.

Be selective about the kits you download. Once you find out about the world of free scrapbooking materials (don’t worry, that post is coming soon), you’ll be tempted to go download crazy. Instead, be selective and choose only the kits that you really love. Reserve your precious hard drive space for the best of the kits and for your projects. The truth is that if you download too many, you’ll never use most of them anyway (ask me how I know this).

Choose one or two kits and use them for multiple themed layouts. Instead of collecting a variety of kits to make different-themed pages, use just one or two kits to create an entire series of pages. Not only does this cut way down on your need for kits (and the space to store them), it makes an excellent unified theme to put in a photobook or album.

Use a kit and delete it. If you prefer to use a different theme on every page, another alternative is to use a kit to make the perfect page and then delete it to make room for a fresh one.

Delete your design files. Each digital scrapbook page has two files: the design file in which you made the page and the jpeg you saved it as in order to print it. Once you’ve perfected—and I mean perfected­—your page, delete the space-hogging design file. (But seriously, make sure the page is perfect because once you delete the design file you won’t be able to modify the image anymore; you’ll be stuck with the jpeg you have.)

Using these techniques, you can put off needing the extra space provided by an EHD. If the time comes that you decide you absolutely must have one, here are a few tips for saving money:

1. Check for deals on external hard drives. Shoplocal searches your local ads for sales, so if you find a good deal there you can just run to the store and get it.
2. Check for deals on external hard drives. To support PYP, you can come back and use PYP’s affiliate links to make your actual purchase.
3. and have generally lower prices for electronics. If you can’t find a great deal at either of the above sources and you don’t want to wait for one, they’re the best places to buy hard drives.

Join me in a couple of days for frugal talk about scrapbooking software. See you

If you’re interested in other aspects of frugal digital scrapbooking, you can read the entire series.

PYP Daily Pick~ FREE Yoplait Yogurt

Create your profile and sign up for the Betty Crocker fan club. You will receive the Betty Crocker® email newsletter, access exclusive member benefits on, and receive your FREE* sample of Yoplait® Whips!® The FREE sample comes as a coupon good for a FREE 6 oz serving. The coupon will be mailed to you in 6 ti 8 weeks. Yeah, it is a LONG time, but FREE is better than paying for it. Enjoy!

Marketing at the SuperMarket

Many smart shoppers already know that grocery stores will feature sale items at a great price to get us into their respective store. These are called loss leaders. It is an example of a marketing in the grocery shopping business. And it is not the only one. But where a loss leader can save you money, the ones below will cost you more.

Items displayed on an end cap are NOT necessarily a sale item. This is called a Phantom sale. Manufacturers have a deal with grocery stores to feature their products prominently within the store, even if the items are not at their lowest price points. For example, Chips Ahoy! Cookies 16 oz are about $3.79 everyday price. A phantom price sales price of $2.99 will be featured on an end cap. But a Penny Pincher knows better! Wait a few weeks during the 12 week grocery sale cycle and the cookies will be on sale for $1.88 or $1.67 (3 for $5). How do I know this price point? I have access to a comprehensive pricebook from PYP and so do you! Check it out here.

Higher Priced Items are Placed at Eye Level. This is a general rule. To save money, get in the habit of scanning the tops and bottom rows of shelves. Be sure to use the Unit Price of items to maximize savings. See the shelf price tag- a unit price should be listed here, next to the item’s cost. And watch your kids views, too. Higher priced items that will appeal to them are placed at their eye level.

Higher priced items are found in the middle of the store. Instead, shop the perimeters of the store. The perimeter is where you will find the fresher cuts of meat, bakery and produce. In the center aisles, one will find the processed and convenience packaged food items. Also, don’t pay for the convenience of pre-cut or pre-packaged items. TipHero has a great study where they discovered it costs $43/hr to have someone cut fresh fruit in those convenient bowls based upon $2.67/lb. Check it out! Very enlightening.

Bulk Items are Not Necessarily Money Saving Items, Anymore. Once Upon a Time, buying in bulk equaled savings. But manufacturers and retailers caught onto this and started offering larger sized packaged items at higher prices. Many times it is cheaper to buy the smaller packaged item on sale. To maximize savings, use a coupon.

You Don’t Have to Play the Numbers Game. Grocery Stores will use marketing ploys like “Get 10 for $10” and they sound appealing. However, you don’t have to buy 10 items. Before you do, ask yourself, “How many do I need in my food storage until the next sales cycle has this item at its lowest price point again?”

Using these tips will help you lower your overall grocery bill and pinch those pennies til they scream!

Sign up for samples and coupons from Kraft!

Click Here
Sign up for Kraft First Taste and be the first to hear about new products, get coupons, samples, etc. This sign up is for a limited time only…don’t miss it!

PYP Daily Pick~ Mrs. Fields to Open New Outlet Store in SLC

From the Deseret News

Mrs. Fields is opening an outlet store June 22 at 1717 S. 4800 West. Those who arrive before 11 a.m. can enter to win one of the grand prizes of Mrs. Fields Cookies for a year.

The press release sounds as if this store is quite a bit different from the familiar Mrs. Fields mall kiosks selling freshly baked cookies.

It says, “Many of your favorite gifts from our catalog and online store are now available to locals at amazing discounts.”

Anyone going in the next day or two? Willing to share your experiences (and prices)?

PYP Daily Pick~ Father’s Day Dinner & $10 Outback Gift Card for Dad (6.21 only)

Just got this note from

The 411 on Outback Steakhouse is this: for Father’s Day you can take Pop to Outback and choose from a special new menu of 15 meals under $15. What’s even better is that at the end of the meal Dad will walk away with a free $10 Gift Card to use on his next trip. Dinner must be on 6.21

Outback locations.

PYP Pick of the Day~Discovery Gateway Museum, 2 for 1 cpn

Printable 2 for the price of 1 coupon for admission to the Discovery Gateway Museum in Salt Lake City. Good for up to 6 people, expires 7/31/09.

Check out the museum’s website for hours, exhibits and ideas on planning your visit. My family is planning on taking the Front Runner (UTA)(and use a family all day roundtrip pass for $10- save on gas & stress) as the Trax stops in front of the Gateway.

Fun staycation idea!

PYP discussion.

PYP Daily Pick~ $10 off $40+ IP cpn-Bath & Bodyworks, this weekend only (exp. 6/21)

Bath & Body Works is having its Semi-Annual sale right now. Sale items include:

*Candles 14.5 oz- $10
*Signature Collection Classics (foams, wallflowers, scents), $4
*Scentports, $4

To save even more, use the $10 off $40 internet printable cpn found at BBW’s site. (It originated in an email that suggested to ‘share with friends’ so I am!) The cpn expires Sunday, 6/21, so hurry to the mall to save this weekend.

PYP discussion & cp link~ here.

REMEMBER today’s/this weekend’s FREEBIES:

*Orange Juilius
*A&W floats
*TCBY yogurt for dad on Sunday

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