5 Tips For Saving Money On Shaving

shavingEvery morning, millions of men get up, roll out of bed, and start their hygienic routines that they practice every day. One part of their routine is to shave their face, and men spend a ton of money every year on razors the help tame their beads. There are ways to take the sting out of shaving, and here are some ways to make using razors more affordable.

#1. Keep the razor blades sharp.

The number one reason why men throw away their razors, and go shopping for new ones, is the fact that their blades are not sharp anymore. However, there are ways for men to keep their razors longer, and that is by sharpening the blades. The easiest way to sharpen the blade is to use a pair of old jeans. By running the razor blade over the denim in two different directions, the blade will be sharpened and will continue to do its job.

#2. Dry the razor off after every shaving.

A wet razor can equal a dull razor because the water on the steel blade can make it start to get rusty. Every time the razor is used, it should be rinsed off, and then dried off and stored somewhere to ensure it will be kept dry.

#3. Clean the blade every day.

There are some men who shave, and then just simply set the razor blade back in its case for use tomorrow. The problem is that hair, skin, and shaving cream, can affect the blade. The blade can begin to get corroded because of the chemicals in the shaving cream, and there are special machines that men can buy that can blast the blade to make sure that it is clean.  There are also cleaning sprays available that can make sure the blade is clean because using just plain hot water is not enough.

#4. Coupons can offer huge savings.

Weekly coupons come in the Sunday paper, and men can sit down and go through those coupons. There should be coupons for razors among them, and with them, men can save a lot of money.  The biggest savings can be on replacement blades, which can sometimes cost more money than a brand new razor.

#5. Look into shaving clubs.

Shaving clubs can offer men discounts on razors. Like a coffee club, men will be given the option of buying blades for a certain price. Another great things about shaving clubs is that men can schedule to have razor blade delivered right to their home every month, which will save them a lot of money on having to go out to the store and get more blades. Men can get nice discounts on the blades, and there are also other incentives to join one of these clubs such as free gifts, and coupons that men can use at stores for anything including razors. All men need to do is do a little research into these shaving clubs, then pick the right one for them, and then saving money on their razors can start right away.

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