Are You Addicted to Romantic Suspicion?

Are You Addicted to Romantic Suspicion?


Are You Addicted to Romantic Suspicion?
A lot of people fear cheating, but some seem a bit too obsessed about it. The questioning, the lack of trust stems from failed relationships or from witnessing a dysfunctional relationship between one’s parents.

There are easy signs that let you know if you or your partner are addicted to romantic suspicion. Unfortunately, this is a very common behavior among many couples. But things can change for the better, if you’re willing to do something about your suspicion.


You Are Convinced Your Lover Is Cheating

Whatever your lover says, you still think he or she is cheating. You disregard the evidence and you probably never trusted your partner from the get-go.

You Tend to Control Your Partner

You always ask your partner what he or she has been up to, with whom they have just talked on the phone, if they are friends with coworkers from the opposite sex and on and so forth. You are jealous of their friends that happen to be of the opposite sex. You constantly check their internet history, their phones, their agenda etc. You seem to hope you’d catch them cheating. You seem to hope you’ll find some sort of evidence to hold it against them.

Understand why It Isn’t Ok

If your partner would do the same things to you, you’d find this behavior abusive and unfair. Imagine how much the person next to you loves you for putting up with all the questioning and doubting. It can be so insulting and hurtful for a person to be accused of cheating when they have never did such a thing. When you have never had reasons, solid reasons, to accuse them of such things. And here you are trying to control every step your partner takes. You maybe act this way without putting too much thought into it, but the causes of this kind of behavior have nothing to do with your current partner. The answer lies in your past and you can get better. If you see a counselor or a therapist you can see when and why this problem has started and you can work to solve it. It is recommended to bring your partner with you, too to have some couple therapy sessions where your partner will finally understand why he or she is under romantic suspicion. Only by working together you can solve things out.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

If you don’t look into it and let this jealousy and suspicion pattern take a hold of your relationship, you can end up suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. You can also end up having exaggerated reactions. For example, if your partner doesn’t answer the phone, instead of looking for logical explanations like “his phone battery died”, “he’s in a meeting” etc. you’ll jump to the worst conclusion possible thinking he shut his phone down and he is cheating on you. This will lead to a lot of heartache and stress that you’ll have to deal with. And it’s all unnecessary since your mind is making up these scenarios…


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