Couponing Horoscope: The Avid Couponer

No matter what your couponing style, there’s a place for you on PYP!

The Avid Couponer: You love getting amazing discounts at the grocery store, and may even buy a few extra items just for the pleasure of giving things that you got for free to people who need them. You enjoy hitting multiple stores to get the best sales on everything, and you may get a rush from looking at the savings at the bottom of your receipt. Maybe you’re new to couponing and you’ve just discovered the thrill of grabbing an incredible bargain, or maybe you’re running your household on a very tight budget and you need to catch each individual sale in order to stretch your grocery dollars. Either way, you’re willing and ready to hit as many stores as you need to in order to score the best deals. You mail in rebates, you track your gift cards, and you may even be paying for Christmas with your savings and rebate earnings. You are a couponing machine. People call you a coupon queen and honestly, they’re right. Others may even ask you for advice on their own grocery shopping when they see (or hear stories about) your savings and your stockpile.

Why You Love PYP: PYP’s numerous shopping lists allow you to see the best deals all over town, which is great because you’re going to hit most of them. Also, because PYP’s lists are often posted early, you’re able to clip, print, stack, sort, or trade for the many many coupons you’re going to use and be ready for the sale on the first day. You enjoy the PYP couponing grapevine because you love catching a good unadvertised sale, which can often be found only through word-of-mouth. You also use PYP as a reference when your friends come and ask you for advice.

What You Bring to PYP: Excitement! You are enthusiastic, open, and generous with your energy. Veteran couponers love hearing your enthusiasm, and new couponers are encouraged by your savings and your guidance. You are the pulse pumping the blood through PYP. We love you!

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