My favorite things on Groupon right now

I have spent a little bit of time cruising around Groupon today to see if I can find some awesome things for my family and I to do in the upcoming weeks and I have spotted some seriously fun stuff!

Here are some of my favorite things on Groupon right now for those of you wanting to get out and do something too.

My favorite things on Groupon right now

Concert tickets – I love the concert ticket deals that you can find on Groupon. Groupon in my area currently has deals on Nickelback, Disturbed, Steely Dan, Sammy Hagar, Foreigner and more!

Massages – Oh my goodness I love a good massage! How about you?  You know what else I love? SAVING MONEY!!! That’s why I love to score a good massage deal on Groupon and these are always on!

Haircuts – I have seen some good deals on haircut, color and style services on Groupon and this is an area that I love to save money!  I always make sure to check the reviews for the shop outside of Groupon so I know I am going to a good place. 

Restaurant deals – I love going out to eat with my family, but I hate the expense of it. Seriously. For the 5 of us to go out to lunch yesterday (first time in months), it cost us $69!! That’s crazy! That’s why I typically only go out to dinner when we have a good coupon or Groupon deal to do it with. 

Bowling – It has been FOREVER since I have gone bowling and now that my kids are older I think I want to take them again! With two teens and a toddler, my teens can help the little one and we can all just have fun playing and with the deals I am seeing on Groupon, it will literally cost us $30 for several hours of family bonding fun! 

What is your favorite thing on Groupon right now?


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