Halloween Treat : Edible Witches Brooms

Last minute holiday parties can be some of the best. As fun as they may be they can create a bit of stress as well. If you are more laid back or are one of those type A personalities who need a plan, you need not stress.

When the phone rings or I get a text about a last minute get together my gut reaction is to go, “It will be fun” I think in my head. Then I go about convincing my home loving husband why we should attend. After his reluctant agreement the realization sinks in and I know this will take a bit of effort on my part to make sure we get there and bring something to share. I hate showing up empty handed. I always feel the need to bring something to a get together even when the host hasn’t request that we do so. The last minute run to the store can increase my stress levels and leave me in a lurch trying to think of something to bring. This takes all of the fun out of the last minute get together and a form of dread sets in. So I try to live by the theme, “Keep it Simple.”

These little witches brooms are super simple treat and perfect for any last minute Halloween party. The result a Halloween themed treat that requires little effort and hardly any time. With the use of two ingredients that you will probably find in your pantry and Halloween candy bowl you’ll look so prepared. You will arrive with a treat to share and be there friends to enjoy it minus the stress!

Witches Brooms

1 package Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
1 package stick pretzels

Step 1 Unwrap mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and place face down on a tray.
Step 2 Gently insert one pretzel stick into the center of every candy.
Step 3 Finished!

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