Help out your local schools! Take 5 minutes and enroll in Smith’s, Fry’s, or Ralph’s Earn & Learn program!

Every year Smith’s, Fry’s, and Ralph’s stores give thousands of dollars to local schools. All you have to do is take 5 minutes to enroll in the free program, and a percentage of every dollar you spend at your local Smith’s, Fry’s, or Ralph’s store will earn cash for your participating neighborhood schools. With education funding being cut, this is especially important right now!

It’s really very simple. Select your store from the list below:


Scroll to the bottom of the page. Under the services column, click on “School Programs.” Click on this image, or where it says “Learn More.”

(The Smith’s, Fry’s, and Ralph’s programs vary somewhat, but these instructions should help.)
Click on “Enroll.” If you are already registered with the site, log in. If not, click on “Sign up today!” and register. You’ll be emailed a link to click on to activate your account. Once you have an account, and are logged in, enter your Fresh Values, Fry’s, or Ralph’s card number in the space provided:

Click on “Save changes.” On the next page, you’ll be prompted to select the organization that will receive a percentage of your purchases. Locate your child’s school, and click on “save changes.” If your child’s school isn’t participating, talk with a member of your PTA about getting them enrolled, or select another nearby school. If you don’t have a child in school, you can select any school near you.

It’s as easy as that! Smith’s/Fry’s/Ralph’s will track purchases made with your store Card, and checks will be sent directly to your child’s school.

Spread the word about this easy fundraising opportunity for our children’s schools. Get your friends and relatives to sign up. Click on the Share/Save button below this post – you can easily post this on your Facebook page, Tweet it, email it, blog it, and more!

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