Netflix Hacks Maybe You Didn’t Know About!

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It’s summer time and for us that means we’re spending a lot more time inside because of the heat. Although we have our limits on how much we watch, it’s always nice to sit down after a long day and find a good show to watch together after the kids have gone down for bed. But did you know there’s a few hidden secrets when it comes to Netflix? Checkout some of them right now!

  1. Download Movies & TV Shows to watch offline – we did this on a few flights we took earlier this year. It saved us on our longer flights and we were able to relax and enjoy what we were watching.
  2. Don’t watch your shows during prime time – meaning if you’re watching Netflix on the “off hours” you’ll have better quality shows.
  3. Find even more to watch – did you know Netflix has secret codes for subgenres? You can get the whole list of all subgenres over here. Now you’ll be able to checkout and narrow down what you’re in the mood for a lot faster.
  4. Share your Netflix account – it’s a super nice way to lower your bill if you’re splitting it with family or friends. But maybe you don’t want to share anymore…simple go to your settings under your account you can find “sign out all devices”. Than switch your password and they won’t be able to access it anymore.
  5. Restrict what your kids watch by setting the Parental Controls on in their profile under the settings.
  6. Set a Pin – this is important as we’ve learned real fast with our Amazon stick and noticed some extra charges on our account. But this way the kids can’t get in and change the parental controls if that’s an issue in your house.
  7. Get the scoop on when your favorites are going to be gone or new ones are coming – you can get the list of what to expect from Whats on Netflix. You’ll get dates and titles of everything coming and going.
  8. Rate your shows to give you the best suggestions of what to watch next – this can save you hours of searching through Netflix. Simply rate the shows you’ve watched and it will give Netflix a better idea of what you like.

What’s your favorite shows you’re watching right now on Netflix? Do you take advantage of any of these tips for Netflix or did you learn something new?

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