Our Favorite Way to Make Snow Cone Syrup!

It’s gotten hot and FAST! We’ve already hit 100 degree weather here where we live which means the kids are looking for any way to cool off. While we’ve had lots of water fun it’s always nice to have a treat. So we found a great deal on a snow cone machine and decided it would be perfect to have for the summer! We’ve already pulled it out multiple times and even shared with the neighbors. And the kids have plans to make a Snow Cone Stand and sell them through the summer. So we’ve been working on the perfect snow cone syrup and I believe we’ve found it! Best part is, it’s so EASY to make!! Promise!

All you need is any Kool-Aid packet (flavor of your choice), sugar and water. Just add 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water to a pot and boil it until the sugar has completely dissolved. Then take it off the heat and stir in your Kool-Aid packet. Once it’s all combined pour it into your container (we just went to the dollar store and bought their ketchup and mustard containers, they had a 2 pack for $1!). That’s it! Simple right! Then once you have your shaved ice you’ll pour your syrup over top! My kids love to mix favors. Sometimes they’ll do a scoop of ice and some syrup then add another layer. It’s been the perfect treat for us to enjoy this summer!

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