PickYourPlum! Fruit Baskets, Push Pop Containers, Popsicle/Ice Tray Mold, Tees!

How Do You Like These Apples – Fruit Baskets
Fresh and fruity.
Starting at $14.99 (62% off) Retail: $39.99

Push It Good – Push Pop Container 6 Pack & Stand
Push pops can be used for more than a Popsicle.
Starting at $4.99 (61% off) Retail: $12.99

Stay Cool – Popsicle/Ice Tray Mold
N”ice” choice for a stocking stuff.
Starting at $2.99 (62% off) Retail: $7.99

Who Doesn’t LOVE Elephants? – Boyfriend Graphic Tees
Feel the LOVE with Elephants
$9.99 (61% off) Retail: $26.00

Plus lots more CUTE deals!

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