PYP Communication Features Part Three: The Chat Room

PYP’s chat room is a great place for newbies (and oldies) to spend some time. There are often experienced couponers there, and they’re always available for tips, hints, explanations, and quick Q&A sessions. Accessing the chat room is easy!

1. While logged in to PYP, click on the “VBChat” button on the top navigation bar.

2. This will automatically take you into the chat room, where you can simply begin chatting by typing your message in the white window that says “Post Message.” Press enter, and your message will appear in the chat window. Other people can then see it and respond; their answers will also appear in the chat window.

3. To send a private chat message to someone, find them in the “Who’s in chat” window on the right-hand sidebar and click on “Send Private Chat Message.” This will automatically place “private chat” prompt in the chat bar, and you can type your message there and press enter.

4. Your message will appear in the chat window, but it will be visible only to you and the person you’re private chatting with. When they reply to you privately, their chat will likewise appear only to the two of you.

There you have it! You can chat with the whole group, or with just an individual. Chatting is a fun, fast, and easy way to have your questions answered or to get to know other PYPers quickly. We hope to see you there!

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