How to Save Money on Jeans

jeansEveryone loves to wear jeans whether it is just to go out with friends, or just to relax around the house. The problem with jeans is that no matter what kind you buy, the cost for a good pair of them can be quite high. Here are some tips on how to save money on jeans no matter what kind you like to wear.

#1. Consider buying dark jeans.

The lighter the jeans, the more likely it is that the jeans have been washed many times and treated with chemicals. The process can weaken the material, and the jeans will not last more than a few months. If darker jeans are bought, the material will not be treated, which will mean they will last a lot longer.

#2. Buy jeans during the summer.

When the weather turns hot, the last thing you want to do is wear thick and heavy denim. Because everyone wears shorts in the summer, stores are more than likely to put their inventory of jeans on sale. You can get a great deal on jeans especially as the weather gets hotter.

#3. Thrift stores carry donated clothing including jeans.

You can find a lot of jeans if you check out your local thrift stores. During different seasons, people love to clean out their closets, and donate all the clothes they no longer want to wear, which includes jeans. You can get jeans for as little as five dollars a pair of even less, which is a lot cheaper than what department stores charge for jeans.

#4. Discount stores have all clothing for great prices.

Discount stores are similar to thrift stores except that the clothes are not donated, but brand new. While the prices are not as long as thrift stores, there are more options for the kinds of jeans that are sold. You may not find designer jeans at a discount store, but you can still get pairs of jeans for a pretty affordable price.

#5. Checking the label for denim blended with other material.

Another way to pay a lower price for a pair of jeans is to check the label. Denim can be blended with other material, and that will equal a lower price than just straight denim. Also, denim mixed with another material will ensure that the jeans will last a lot longer.

#6. Put the jeans in the freezer.

Though it may sound like a strange thing to do, many denim companies insist that washing jeans in a washing machine does nothing but damage the denim.  By putting the jeans in an airtight bag, the cold will kill any bacteria, and if there are stains or spots, you are better off just using spot remover or stain remover.  Many people swear by this freezing technique, and swear that they have had the same pairs of jeans for years all because they use the freezer cleaning technique. The denim is preserved, and the jeans still look and fit great despite being stored in the freezer, which will mean not having to buy jeans very often and saving you a lot of money.

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