Things You Did not Know about Cats

Things You Did not Know about Cats


Things You Did not Know about Cats
Cats have fascinated us since ancient times. Even if their behavior can strike us as odd at times, science can shed some light when it comes to a cat’s life and its habits. There are many surprising things that you didn’t know about cats.

These cute pets are wonderful, loyal companions, no matter how the media sometimes portrays them. Cats may seem indifferent, but a cat owner knows better. A cat can be as loyal and loving as a dog. And it can really make someone’s life a little better.


Left or Right Pawed?

Just like humans, cats can either be left or right pawed. It seems that female cats are usually right pawed while male cats are left pawed. Isn’t that cute? One of the things that you didn’t know about cats.

Not so Surprising of a Fact

Cats sleep around 70% of their lives. But every cat owner has noticed this thing so it may not come as a surprise. Still; it’s an impressive percentage compared to other pets.

Mister Popular

It seems that cats are more popular than dogs in many countries around the world. Judging by the overwhelming amount of cat videos that can be found on the internet, this doesn’t seem such a surprising fact at all.

Noisy Little Things

Cats are capable of making more than 100 sounds. Dogs can only make around 10 sounds. It seems that cats can get noisier than dogs. But they compensate with their sweet purrs.

Good for the Heart

Different studies reveal that cats can reduce heart attacks by more than a third. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

A Cat Lands on Its Feet

There are many verified storied where cats have fallen from great heights and they still have survived the impact with the ground.

 The Clowder

Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory TV Show has taught us that a group of cats is called a clowder. You never know when this piece of information may come in handy.

Those Cute Ears

…are pretty spectacular. More than 20 muscles are used by cats to control their ears.

No Sweets for Them

Absolutely no cat can taste the sweet taste of foods or drinks. They don’t know what they’re missing out on!

The Purr of a Cat

The purr of a cat is very complex. Cats purr for all sorts of reasons. Their purr can be self-healing, but it can also be a sign of agitation or annoyance. The sound of a purr seems to be therapeutic for humans.


Cats DO communicate with their owners. When adult cats are meowing, they’re actually doing it to communicate with humans.

The Milk and Fish Debate

We have been used to associate cats with milk. But cats are lactose intolerant so you should never give them milk. Raw fish is also out of the question since it poses a threat to a cat’s health.

Not So Different from Humans

A cat’s brain is 90% similar with that of a man’s. It seems that dogs don’t win this race.



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