Three Ways to Start Couponing Without Newspaper Coupons

Do newspaper coupons scare you? Does the thought of all that clipping and filing seem like it’s just not for you?

There’s good news for folks who aren’t big fans of newspaper coupons: you can save lots of money without them. Here are three ways to start saving without using newspaper coupons.

1. Check out the Free After Rebate items at Walgreens and Rite-Aid. Each week, our website posts these stores’ specials, and many times there are items–including free items–that require no coupons at all. Just buy them, fill out the online rebate form, and you’ve already entered the world of grocery savings. You can also check out the free after rebate items by visiting the stores’ own websites to view their rebate offers.

2. Start comparison shopping for your produce and meat items. Even most couponers don’t use coupons on these items, so it’s quickly to get up to speed here. Start browsing PYP’s weekly shopping lists for stores in your state to spot great deals on various types of meat and produce. No coupons required. Just browse and shop.

3. Use printable coupons. Coupons are going digital, and many couponers no longer even get newspaper subscriptions. PYP’s shopping lists include hyperlinks to all the online coupons you’ll need for many of the items on our shopping list, and all you have to do is print, clip and save.

In the current economy, many people are interested in saving money on their groceries, but are intimidated by the expense of getting multiple Sunday papers and the sheer volume of paper that is actually involved. Never fear; these three methods involve no newspapers whatsoever, and will have you up and running toward the savings in no time.

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