Tips for a Successful Freezer Cooking Day

Are you ready to start saving some money? Or maybe you want to save yourself a lot of time? My friends, it is time to plan a freezer cooking day. That’s right. A freezer cooking day can save you both time and money and you are going to love adding this into your typical schedule!

If you are new to all of this, here are some tips for a successful freezer cooking day. 

Tips for a Successful Freezer Cooking Day

Make more than one batch

You are freezer cooking, you are doing it to save time over the weeks ahead. That means that cooking in bulk is a very good idea! Prepare more than one batch at a time and separate it in the freezer. Most of us eat meals more than once per month anyway, so it makes sense to have them prepared. 

Clean your kitchen first

Working in a clean space is never quite as apparent as it is in the kitchen. If your counters are cluttered, it is hard to make your necessary tools and foods fit. When cooking for a freezer meal session, you are likely going to need some of your cooking appliances (slow cooker, air fryer, pressure cooker, etc.). 

Also, don’t forget to wash your dishes first and load your dishwasher as you go. It’s awful to have to wash dishes as you go. 

Use disposable pans

I like to use disposable pans and cookware when I do a freezer cooking session. For one, I only have so much cookware and when I am preparing weeks of meals, I definitely need more cookware. Plus, as surprising as it may seem, I just don’t love doing dishes and the idea that I can bake the meal and then toss the pan in the trash sounds pretty darn nice to me! 

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