Weekly PYP Couponing Group in Rigby, ID

Ha ha! That’s me giggling with glee at all the awesome PYP classes that I’m discovering here in Idaho.

And since I’ve been watching political news all morning, you’ll pardon me if I get patriotic for just one moment.

Across all aisles, though all the different economic ideas and platforms that are tugging at America right now, the one thing I think we can all agree upon is that now is a time for all Americans to pull together to try to help each other out, to share whatever knowledge, expertise, experience or skills we have that can help to strengthen each other, to help each of us walk taller, stronger, prouder. And you can call me sentimental and a fool, but I think PYP does that to a great and large extent. I think the pooling of knowledge and individual support of each other that we have here is the type of thing that is going to see America through this crisis.

So I want to give a huge and hearty shoutout to all those individuals who use their time and organizational skills (oh, that I were like them), to coordinate events and activities that allow others to learn how to stretch their dollars and, by extension, strengthen their ability to survive these financial times. You do us all proud.

There, the sap is over. Read on for information.

GranolaGal just shared the scoop on a PYP meet, coupon exchange, and intro to couponing party held in Rigby, ID each Tuesday.

Here’s the solid info:

General location: Rigby
: Tuesdays from 10-11 am. GranolaGal warns that they usually run over, but they try to keep it to that.
Who’s invited: Sounds like this shindig is for all types: newbies, dads, grandmas, mommies, and even kids. (The expectation is that if folks bring their kids, they’ll keep them reasonably well-behaved and help clean up afterwards.)
It’s a good idea to bring: Any coupons you want to trade and your printed PYP shopping list. If you don’t know how to print this yet, GranolaGal invites you to come anyway. You’ll learn there.
Events: Coupon trading, coupon talk for the oldies, coupon education and explanation for the newbies, and computer PYP walk-throughs. They also sometimes do group-shops, though there’s no hand holding, just a group of folks having a good time shopping together.
Location and more info: Please call Dawn at 208-745-7845 for the address or with any additional questions.

Here’s wishing I lived in Rigby! Sounds like they’ve got a good thing going.

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