9 Steps To By a New Home with Bad Credit

1.  Make the Decision to Buy
If you are tired of paying the rent each month and nothing to shop for it, the ownership of your offersnumerous benefits. Moreover,  the gratification of being a proprietor, you can certainlyhave tax deductions and can get benefits in return from the government, say goodbye to the landlords and most importantly start building home equity.

The first step in buying a house is to decide to buy. You must consider all the reasons why you want to buy a house.

1.  GetQualified Guidance
It is highly recommended that you are pre-approved before you start looking for homes to avoid looking for aproperty that is outside your range. You can contact a loan officer, a bank. You must consult someone reliable and trustworthy because it is the biggest investment you might go to make.

2.  Get Pre-Qualified
It will help if you get qualified for the mortgage. By pre-qualified, we mean that you are qualified for a specific amount. The lender will consider following points before declaring you qualified for the mortgage:

  • The clean credit history of past 2 to 3 years.
  • Employment history.
  • Property value.
  • 3 to 4 trade lines (such as student loans, car loans,) on your credit report.

The credit report will decide your interest rates, your choice of mortgage and remortgage loan programs,etc. The bad credit remortgage and mortgage loan does not exist. So, one should keep a strict eye on this aspect, especially.

3.  Begin the Hunt
Search all the resources in the market to get the one that best suits your criteria. You would need to refine your research to get your dream home. The house of your dreams can mean different things to different people.

Remember that you would probably move about 2 to 3 times before you settle into the actual house of your dreams. When you find it, it is the time for you to put in an offer with your mortgage banker. The offer presented to you is normally presented in the form of an earnest money cheque.

4.  Negotiate the Deal
It is normal to receive a counteroffer when your first offer is submitted. Discuss it and decide whether or not accept the offer. Submit your own offer and then move on. Before you start negotiating the deal, set limits on how much you are willing to offer for the place and make sure to stick to those limits.

5.  The Closing Period
However, since you are pre-qualified before started looking for homes, you are already close to the end. Just collect the required property figures your creditor needs to close the loan.

6.  Close the Deal
You’ll receive a decent estimate of cost at the loan application which is requested to the creditor. Your retailer and mortgage lender would be willing to review the estimate. You can always negotiate the closing cost with the seller. Remember that the actual closing of the deal 30 to 60 days in order the loan to get approved and finalized.

7.  Move In
It’s the best time to own your new house and then make it a home. Congratulations.

Actionable Tips to Help You Save Money for a Big Purchase

Saving like all other decisions in life that can add value to your life isn’t a walk in the park for most people. But with adequate planning and consistent effort, you can easily succeed. Whether you want to buy a car, a home appliance or any other big purchase, it’s important that you plan well before diving in.

Can you afford it?

When most people are contemplating about getting a house or a dream car, it’s easy to overlook your financial status. Normally, you visit your banker and after once glance at your gross income, they conclude that you can qualify for a $300,000 loan. Because you are enthusiastic about owning that beautiful home or the flashy car, you quickly give your consent for the loan assuming that you can handle the payments.

What the banker has overlooked are the various financial obligations that you need to handle on a monthly basis. This is what makes most people get into a financial turmoil because your finances get overstretched.

However, most buyers make emotional decisions on obligations they can’t comfortably handle. To avoid financial difficulties, it’s better to consider your entire financial status before making any commitments.

Consider saving a down payment

You can circumvent the problems caused by taking a personal loan that is bigger than your financial capability by saving up a sizable down payment. You only need to develop and follow an affordable and smart savings plan to accumulate the down payment and ensure that the subsequent monthly payments will be bearable.

For instance, if you intend to purchase a home and you are currently living in a rental for about $600, you need to find how much monthly payments you’ll be making towards your house purchase. For a house requiring less than $1200 in monthly payments, try to put the extra $600 in a savings account.

This should go on for about 12 months and within this time; you should be having a clear picture of whether you’ll afford the $1200 monthly payments. In the event where you realize that putting away the extra $600 is too much for you, it’s time you considered a cheaper house if you don’t want to wait any longer.

While most people don’t save money for a car down payment, you can avoid the higher monthly payments as well as save money on the interest rates. To illustrate, assume you want to purchase a car worth $20,000 and borrow the whole amount, you will have to pay about $434 per month for two years if the interest is 1.99%. Instead, you can start by saving the $430 dollars, which would translate to $5220 after one year. You’ll be only paying about $320 in monthly payments for 48 months.

The advantage here is that you are already used to paying the $430 per month and therefore it would be easy to handle $320.

Research your intended purchase and create a budget to facilitate the savings

Before you even start saving money for a big ticket purchase, you should find out as much information as possible. Being savvy can help you learn about better deals that you can take advantage of. You can compare prices and discounts from different vendors to determine who is best to work with.

With a definite figure in mind, you can plan your savings around the time you have left before the date making the purchase. Determine how much money you need to save each month so that you can accomplish your goal within the available time. Breaking down the amount into smaller chunks makes it easier to handle and keeps you motivated.

Your budget should be modeled on the required cash and you should look for ways to free up some money that can be put towards the savings account. Until you achieve your goal, you should cut back on any unnecessary expenses that can compromise your savings goal.

Automate your savings plan

Whether you have multiple streams of income or you depend on a single paycheck, you can automate your savings towards a big purchase. The beauty of this trick is that it completely eliminates the need for constant willpower to carry on with the savings goal.

Set up your account so that the amounts that you had earlier decided upon are automatically deposited into the savings account. This works well even when you are an impulse buyer and you are not certain that you can keep off some cravings. Before you get your paycheck, the money will already be in your account and you won’t have to worry about self-sabotage.

Create some extra income to achieve the saving goal faster

If you already have more than one channel of income, it would work towards your best interest if you dedicated some extra income to the savings goal. But if you only have one income stream, it’s possible to generate more income by taking a part-time job.

In addition, you can sell items that are lying idle in your home if you no longer need them. If you realize that you haven’t used an item in your home for about four months, you can comfortably sell it. If you have any specific skills, you can monetize by offering the services to people. For instance, if you are a college graduate it’s possible to offer tutoring services just as you would take guitar students if you had the skills. If you don’t know where to begin, the internet is teeming with lucrative opportunities to earn some extra dollars. However, you also need to be cautious of the online scams to avoid frustrations.

The idea here is to create an extra source of income that can go towards your current financial goal.

Be creative

When you decide to make a big purchase, it’s important to determine the exact time that you have before the acquiring it. A well-planned goal with specific times frame helps you to act with focus which facilitates its attainment.

Although successfully saving the entire amount needed for a big purchase calls for perseverance, patience, and commitment, it is a rewarding decision. At times, you may feel burdened by the goal but with a little focus and motivation, you can accomplish the goal.

3 Reasons to Avoid Bankruptcy if At All Possible

There comes in a time in many lives when bankruptcy seems unavoidable. Oftentimes this happens for reasons that are out of our control. Maybe a breadwinner passed away. Maybe you experienced an injury that took you away from work. Maybe your identity was stolen and it took a whole year to recover, with dire financial consequences. Maybe it’s the result of plain old debt problems of the conventional type.

Whatever the reason for your impending bankruptcy, there are good reasons to avoid it if you can. It doesn’t matter how you got in this situation, because the clarion call of bankruptcy can seem like a tempting answer to your problem, no matter who you are. If you are convinced that avoiding bankruptcy is right for you after you read this guide, check out Creditfix – debt help for people who really need it.

Bankruptcy Kills Your Credit – When you are in debt, you probably already have low credit, so the threat of bankruptcy killing your credit might not seem like much of a threat. How can you kill what’s already dead? The thing is, credit that is poor because of debt is much more recoverable than credit that is the result of bankruptcy. It might seem like they’re both bad, but believe us when we say bankruptcy is worse. Bankruptcy is a last resort, a throwing in of the towel when a consumer simply can’t endure anymore. It’s a way to get back to life without having to constantly fear because of debt, but it’s definitely shooting your credit history in the foot.

Bankruptcy Stays on Your Record for Seven Years – The main reason why bankruptcy is so devastating for your credit is that it stays on your credit report for seven years. On its own, bankruptcy is kind of like a nuclear bomb for your credit. Like a nuclear bomb, all of the damage doesn’t occur at the initial explosion. The fallout takes years to clear. That’s what happens with your credit history following bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy May Prevent You From Achieving Important Goals. It becomes very hard to finance important projects and goals after bankruptcy, like going back to school or buying a house. When your credit is shot because of bankruptcy, nobody wants to lend you money because it looks like you’re probably not going to give it back. There are other big problems with bad credit, because people look at your credit when thinking about giving you a job or letting you rent their house. This is a huge problem for some people, and reason enough by itself to avoid bankruptcy.

If you decide not to file for bankruptcy, you’ll still have to manage your debt. There are many debt reduction programs for people facing bankruptcy, and these should be taken full advantage of. The good thing is that by working hard to kill your debt, you’re also working hard to build your credit. Once your debt is gone, you will have cut away a major cinder block weighing down your credit and you will have avoided the worst side effects of bankruptcy.

Characteristics and Features of a Good CRM System

Advancements in technology have compelled various businesses across the world to implement tech savvy strategies and policies that promote their operations and boost customer service delivery to increase Return on Investment. One of such technologies is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Here are some of the characteristics and features of a good CRM a system that can help your business.

Easy integration

Every techy savvy business has various technologies that enable it to be efficient in marketing and delivering products or services to its target market. Therefore, the CRM system that you choose should give you room for integrating it with these technologies so as to avoid investing a lot of time upfront in collaborating various operations in the business. You can put your system into operation right from the bat by integrating it with other technologies such as Big Data solutions, social media networks, and Point of Sale systems, instead of wasting a lot of time copying data and loading it into your system.

Ease of use

A CRM system can only benefit your business and improve lead generation if your employees know how to navigate through its various tools. The CRM you invest in should have a spontaneous interface, reliable customer support, and ample documentation features. The whole point of investing in a CRM system is to avoid downtime and increase efficiency. Therefore, it’s prudent to buy a CRM system that isn’t too complex or one that can take a lot of time to learn. Your employees should be able to learn and start using the system without wasting too much time.


Purchasing a CRM system from a reputable vendor is a sign that your business is expanding and upgrading. The award-winning CRM software vendor, Salesforce, (https://www.salesforce.com/crm/comparison/ has unmatchable features with the potential of meeting various company’s needs without investing in extra hardware or software. A credible CRM system should adapt to a wide range of platforms by using different modules and features.

Improve customer satisfaction

A CRM can only be beneficial to your business if it can impact positively on customer satisfaction and boost customer relationships. It should be more than just an address book by giving your employees accessibility to comprehensive customer information. The CRM should give you the data necessary to answer customers’ concerns by delivering relevant services. It will not only improve the professionalism bit of your brand but also increase overall revenue.

Easy reporting and overviews

Watching your business grow and expand is a key part of planning for the future. A good CRM system should enable you to collect customer and employee activities and utilize the gathered and analyzed data for the benefit of the business. That is why it’s vital that you purchase a CRM system that has reliable reporting and tracking features.

Since most CRM systems offer risk and payment-free plans, you shouldn’t worry so much about the initial price of investing in the CRM solution. Furthermore, you can upgrade your package if you feel it’s good for your business.

How a Personal Loan is Good for Building Your Bad Credit

Your credit score recently took a hit due to a financial emergency. And now, you’re on a mission to build it back up to qualify for that new home or car you’ve been dreaming of. Or you want a peace of mind knowing that your credit score isn’t in the trenches. Should you use a personal loan to improve your credit score?

Read on to learn why it may be worthwhile:

How personal loans improve credit scores

Five components are used to compute your FICO score:

  • Payment history (35 percent)
  • Amounts owed (30 percent)
  • Length of credit history (15 percent)
  • New credit (10 percent)
  • Credit mix (10 percent)

Let’s take a closer look at which categories can be affected if you take out a personal loan.

Payment history
Making timely payments is the most significant component of your credit score. It accounts for 35 percent of the equation. In fact, a single missed payment can tank your score by up to 100 points. But taking out a personal loan and paying on time each month will show creditors that you’ve turned a new leaf. Plus, your credit score will benefit from the positive payments.

Quick note: It’s also important to get current stay current on existing desk for this strategy to work.

Length of credit history
What if you’re a credit newbie with a few late payments on a small credit card? Your credit score is suffering because the only payment history you have is negative. And you haven’t been in the credit world long enough to establish an extended track record. But personal loans usually have terms of at least one year while some go up to three or even five. This gives you an ample amount of time to build positive credit history.

Credit mix
The types of credit you have also plays a role in your credit score. Lenders want to know that you have experience managing revolving and installment debt. So, if you only have a few credit cards, a lender may hesitate to lend you money for a car loan or any other type of installment loan. But by taking out a small personal loan and managing it responsibly, you’ll improve your credit mix and credibility with prospective lenders.

Do you know what’s in your credit report?

You know your credit is in shambles because you’ve been denied credit more times than you like to admit. But have you taken the time to look at your credit report?

By analyzing the contents of your credit report, you’ll be able to identify problem areas so you’ll know what to focus on first. Perhaps you’ve made all your payments on time but all your credit cards are maxed out. Or maybe you hit a rough financial patch and couldn’t keep up with your monthly obligations. It’s also possible that you have limited credit history. Or you’ve applied for far too many loans or credit cards in a short span.

Regardless of why your score is low, knowing where to start in your journey to rebuilding will minimize headaches and give you direction. It’s also important to pull your credit report since it may contain errors.

To access your official credit report, visit annualcreditreport.com. You can retrieve a copy from each of the three credit bureaus free of charge on an annual basis. It’ll cost you to see your score or you can sign up for a free trial through one of the credit bureaus websites. But your focus should be on your what’s in your report since it determines your score.

Helpful tips and tricks

Consider a credit builder loan
Credit builder loans typically range from 200 to $500 and are designed for those with less than perfect credit. They are offered by select credit unions and community banks and come in the following forms:

  • Standard credit builder loan: the lender deposits the funds into an account and reports positive payment history to the creditors each time you make a payment. Once you’ve paid off the loan, the funds are yours to keep.
  • Secured-installment loan: backed by a deposit equal to the loan amount. The borrower makes payments against their own money and the funds are unlocked, along with the deposit, once the loan is paid in full. Payment history is also reported to credit bureaus.

Keep the amount borrowed to a minimum
Biting off more than you can chew will place you into even more of a financial bind. Not only will you struggle to keep up with the payments, but your credit score could sustain even more damage if the account becomes 30 days past due and the delinquent status is reported to the credit bureaus.

Use the loan proceeds wisely
The goal is to build credit, not use the funds to go on a spending spree or lavish vacation. Consider paying down debt that is costing you a fortune in interest. If you don’t have credit cards, you can use the proceeds to reduce student loan or other installment loan balances. In essence, you’ll be using one loan to pay off another, but your score will benefit.

Focus on other ways to improve your credit score
You shouldn’t expect a personal loan to be the answer to your credit troubles. It’s a great rebuilding tool but coupled with other techniques, your score will increase quicker. They include:

  • Always making timely payments
  • Avoiding new debt
  • Paying down revolving debts to reduce your debt to available credit ratio

Explore your options
Don’t settle for the first offer that comes your way. Shop around to see what other loans for bad credit are out there. Expect to pay a higher interest rate because your credit score makes you a bit riskier. But a lower interest rate could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Most importantly, read the fine print to learn more about the terms and conditions of the loan. Pay special attention to the payment period, interest and fees. That way, you’ll avoid any surprises later on down the line.

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Enjoy the Finest Online Slots without Spending a Penny

If you’re keeping things tight then the last thing that you are likely to be thinking about is gambling in any form. At the same time, casino games can be one of the cheapest ways to keep yourself entertained, costing no more than the power it takes to turn on your computer – or even your phone or tablet. If only there was a way to put them both together and play the most exciting casino games without spending anything at all…

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One such site is Games King, which has been designed with just about anyone that enjoys the high octane action of casino games in mind, but doesn’t actually want to risk anything to get involved. Indeed, many of the things that players associate with playing at online casinos, such as registering accounts, depositing cash and messing around with bonuses simply do not apply there. Instead, as the name would suggest, the site is all about the games and it features the exact kind of action that you would expect to find at any of the leading online casino brands – if not more.

There is no software to download and each of the games on the site is presented within its very own review, so you can take a look at what the game is all about before you start playing too. In our experience, any game becomes more fun when you actually have a decent idea of what you are supposed to be doing and that most definitely continues to be the case when it comes to casino classics.

If you haven’t checked out the kind of action that casinos have to offer recently then there is no time like the present too. If it has been a number of years, and the idea of slots still conjures a mental image of three reels packed with cherries and oranges, spinning mechanically to spew out a few coins into the tray, then you are definitely in for a treat. The latest slot games boast more of a resemblance to proper video games than their aged, mechanical counterparts and boast graphics, animations and bonus rounds that are all worthy of falling under the banner of entertainment.

Sure, if you do decide to check out all of your casino favourites for free, you will of course be giving up the opportunity to win anything. We can’t help thinking that anyone that offered such a service would be pinching their own pennies before long! However, the reason that casino games have been around for so long and remain so popular is that they are not just a way to win cash, but also because they are simply downright fun to play. You can get involved without even needing to go near an online casino and with thousands of games out there ready and waiting to be played, there is simply no chance at all that you will not be able to find the perfect game to keep you occupied and it won’t cost you a penny.

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The Pinching Your Pennies text alerts program


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The Best Tech Gifts and Gadgets for Kids 2017

Today’s kids want high-tech toys and gadgets to play with. Long gone are the days of wooden horse swings – it’s all about iPads and smart robots now. So, if you are looking for the best tech gifts and gadgets for kids in 2017, here are three products to keep in mind.

Veho Digital Microscope

Tech gadgets for kids can be quite educational and the Veho Digital Microscope certainly is just that. The digital microscope will encourage your child to be inquisitive and it will make exploring the back garden so much more fun.

The microscope is very effective; you can see plenty of detail you wouldn’t be able to notice with the naked eye. Its magnification is 20-400 times with the VMS-004 model and the microscope has a LED light to light up whatever you place under it.

The microscope works with a USB connection and you don’t need to install any lengthy software to use it. Just plug it in. The good thing is you can use it with both PC and Mac computers.

Veho Digital Microscope costs around US$100, but you can find coupon codes for it with retailers like ProBikeKit to cut down the cost.

LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker

Adults have been hooked with activity trackers for a long time now and it’s time to introduce the kids to these wonderful things. The LeapBand is a great way to ensure your child gets to play with technology without just ending up sitting passively at home staring a screen.

The idea of this activity tracker is to let your child take care of a virtual pet (a few different options available). There are around 10 pre-loaded games that help look after the pet, all of which require the child to be active. It also teaches your child about healthy eating habits.

The tracker doesn’t just count the steps but focuses more on providing the child with physical challenges such as running or jumping. It starts with those 10 games, but as the child progresses, you unlock more fun stuff.

The design is not too childish and the watch is super easy to use. One of the big benefits is the price; you can currently find it at GraysOnline for just US$44.

VTech Kidizoom ActionCam

GoPro is a great action camera but it can be a bit pricey, especially if you want to let your kids use it. But VTech Kidizoom ActionCam costs just around US$40 (find it at Fishpond) and it’ll be a fun product for kids to have.

The camera comes with mounting options for bike and helmet, as well as a waterproof case for taking it for a spin around the pool. Its photo resolution is just 0.3 megapixels so it definitely isn’t anything fancy. However, the video quality is fine for capturing kids’ adventures.

So, if you are looking for a tech gift and gadget for kids, keep the three in mind. Don’t forget to check out Frugaa when shopping for gadgets – it has a number of coupon codes available with the best tech retailers which will provide you extra savings.

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Quit, cut down and keep – Affording the essentials

Over the last few years U.S. household debt has increase, in the last decade this is by 11%. Many families are getting by, by spending on credit cards and personal loans. A lot of the debt for many families in the U.S. is on mortgages at $172,806, with general household debt totalling up to $132,529, with the total pool of debt at $1.1 trillion.

For those perusing college education, you could come out with an average student loan debt of $49,042, so it’s no surprise to see that many American families, are sacrificing meals out, new gadgets and new clothes to pay for their children’s education as well as spiralling healthcare costs. The study by Coupon Dash found that majority of families, 52%, have cut out going out for meals, whilst 49% of families do not spend money on the latest gadgets. With many families giving up a lot of things to keep afloat.

One way to keep on top of debt, is to follow our quit, cut and keep plan.


  1. Smoking – If you have this bad habit, now is the time to quit, to save your health and your finances.
  2. Gym membership – Yes it’s great to keep on top of your fitness and its good for your health, but gym memberships are costly. Keep up with your fitness just at home, using everyday items as the equipment or go for a free run outside.
  3. Gadgets – It is tempting to keep up buying the latest cell phones, but really unless the one you are using is broken, do you really need to upgrade and spend the extra dollars? Keep the tech to the minimum only buying if something is an necessity and check for offers then before you buy.

Cut down

  1. Holidays – It is a big expense going on holiday, we don’t want to cut it out though, we all need a break some of the time. Just look at where you go and what type of holiday you book. Instead of going away every year, go once every two. Book during sale periods and look to travel at cheaper times of the year.
  2. Gifts – As a family it’s nice to get gifts, but as parents you need to make decision on what gifts you give if you’re looking to cut down. Talk to family and friends make sure you buy them something they want or if they are happy to stick to a budget.
  3. Nights out – It’s great to let your hear down and let off some steam, so don’t stop going out altogether, instead make those nights out count. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for local deals and coupon codes for money off events or meals out.


  1. Food – Obviously you can’t cut out food, you could cut down how much you buy to avoid waste, but really you have no choice but to keep. However always make sure you get the best deals. Either buying in bulk using coupons and waiting till the end of the day when food is reduced.
  2. Clothing – Clothing is an essential, in as much as you have enough to keep you covered and warm and dry. Still keep buying clothing as you need it, essentials or something for a special occasion. Just stop buying clothes for the sake of it, so always ask yourself if you really need it before buying.
  3. Night in – If your cutting down your nights out, make your nights in count. Cook a nice homemade restaurant style meal, cuddle up as a family on the sofa and watch your favourite films. Make a day of it every week or every month so it feels special. You won’t notice you’re not going out as much.

Signs You may Have a Vitamin Deficiency

Signs You may Have a Vitamin Deficiency


Signs You may Have a Vitamin Deficiency


Our immune system is always weaker at the beginning and at the end of winter. Spring can also be tricky for those who suffer from various allergies. You have to periodically get checked by a doctor and see if you have any vitamin deficiency.

There are different signs that can also indicate you have a vitamin deficiency. You can take some supplements or eat different fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system and greet spring with joy, being in perfect health.


You’re not on the Right Diet

It’s perfectly fine to be on a certain diet, but you have to make sure you’re getting all the vitamins your body needs. This is why it is strongly recommended to go see a doctor and a nutritionist to get the best diet for your body.


The Corners of Your Mouth

Are the corners of your mouth dry or cracked? It means that you are lacking vitamin B. It’s time to eat eggs, different types of fish, nuts and tomatoes. It is also recommended to eat fruits that are rich in vitamin C because they help you assimilate vitamin B easier. Broccoli and cauliflower also help and if you need something crunchier, go for red bell peppers.


Do You Deal with Hair Loss?

Hair loss has multiple causes from stress to vitamin B7 deficiency (also known as biotin). Just to be on the safe side, you need to eat more cooked eggs and include more vegetables and nuts in your diet. Fruits like bananas and strawberries can also do the trick. Eating fish at least twice a week is also strongly advised.


Frequent Muscle Cramps

This is a very common feeling for many people. It’s a clear indicator that you’re lacking calcium, magnesium and potassium. How can you fix the problem? You need to eat plenty of fruits from cherries, apples, bananas to grapefruits. You can also eat different vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, kale etc.


Rashes on Your Skin

If you noticed some rashes on your skin, it’s time to see a doctor. You need a lot of vitamins to strengthen your immune system. You need vitamin D, E, K, A, B7 and plenty of zinc. The lack of these vitamins is marked by those rashes on your skin. Better go see a dermatologist, too, just to be sure you aren’t dealing with an allergy. Dried fruits are the best remedy for such a situation. Dairy products, mushrooms and whole grains are also recommended.


Other Signs Associated with Vitamin Deficiency

If you’re feeling tired but can’t sleep, if your gums are way too sensitive or they sometimes bleed, you definitely need to eat more fruits and vegetables because you are having a vitamin A deficiency. If you’re losing weight and feeling depressed, you are lacking vitamin B1. Sometimes, many vitamins have similar symptoms, this is why it is highly recommended to get checked at the doctor and see exactly what kind of vitamin you are lacking so you can start the right diet as soon as possible.




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