Alternative Strategies to Save on Groceries

Most of us already know what a great way using coupons to save money, especially on groceries. However, there are other strategies that PYP member momtonathanandtwins is willing to share to help you stretch your food buying power.

Join a Local Non-Profit Food Co-Op

For a very reasonable price (usually less than $30), one buys a share, then your share gives you 5-6 lb of meat 5 lb of fruit, 5 lb of veggies, fresh baked bread, pasta or rice. Definitely worth more than $30 retail of food!
Below is an example of from momtonathanandtwins blog describing her 2- shares for $67.

Items Include:

Here is what I (momtonathanandtwins) picked up today and I’ll post my cost at the bottom:
2 lbs Top Sirloin Fajita Strips
4 lbs Chicken Drumsticks
4 lbs Sirloin Pork Roast
2 lbs Lean Ground Beef
2 lbs rice
2 loaves Artisan Wheat Bread
11 Fuji Apples
11 Pears10 Oranges
2 Romain Lettuce
7 Red Bell Peppers
10 Tomatoes
5 Avocados
2 2lb. Bag of Carrots
1 head of cauliflower
2 Chapparro’s brand 5 beef tamales
Tagge’s brand mild salsa 16 oz
Aptera’s brand extra virgin olive oil 34 fl oz all for $67.50

How does the co-op afford this? Simply individuals volunteer time and use local resources to maintain high quality products to feed the largest number possible. For Utah residents, see for details. For outside of Utah, see or

Join Community Supported Agriculture

This is an AWESOME idea! An individual “subscribes” to a farm by giving a set $ amount to the farmer in the spring when the farmer needs resources the most. Then, when harvest begins, usually first of July, the subscriber receives a weekly bounty of fresh fruits and veggies, usually for 13 to 15 weeks. Costs and variety of harvest vary by farm. See for participating farm locations, pricing and details.

Grow One’s Own Garden

This might seem simple, but it can take time and space. Live in an apartment? Try container gardening or for more ideas and helpful hints, be sure to check out PYP’s gardening forum .

Visit your local bread or bakery outlet store.

I make a monthly trip to the Sara Lee bread bakery outlet store which sells the only wheat bread that is made with whole wheat flour and no high fructose corn syrup at a discount that ALL my family will eat. (Yes, I should be making it, but I am still mastering my breadmaking skills). My sliced bread of choice retails in stores for $3.29, but I purchase it at the bread outlet store for $1 to $1.25 per loaf. So I buy 8 loafs at a time and freeze them. The savings are evident.

By planning ahead, using coupons and adding an alternative idea or two from the list above, one can extend their grocery buying power while adding healthy nutritious food to your family’s diets. (Thanks to momtonathanandtwins for all the great ideas!)

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  1. Is there a Orowheat store in Utah?

  2. I was wrong, it is the Sara Lee outlet stores (has been fixed in original blog, thanks!). Here are the UT locations:

    (435) 673-4172
    Sara Lee – Bakery Outlet
    530 W St George Blvd, Saint George, UT 84770

    (801) 762-0250
    Sara Lee Bakery Outlet
    1363 N State St, Orem, UT 84057

    (801) 476-1636
    Sara Lee Bakery Outlet
    4370 Washington Blvd, South Ogden, UT 84403

    (801) 763-9510
    Sara Lee Bakery Outlet
    66 N West State RD, American Fork, UT 84003

    (801) 963-6643
    Sara Lee Bakery Outlet
    2182 W 4700, Salt Lake City, UT 84118

    (801) 262-8404
    Sara Lee Bakery Outlet
    6092 S 900, Murray, UT 84121

    (801) 762-0253
    Sara Lee Bakery Outlet Store
    4612 S 800, Spanish Fork, UT 84660

  3. All across Arizona go to to see if there is a pick-up site near you. Baskets are 50/50 fruit and vegetables for $15. Organic baskets and other seasonal items are available too!

    Our family and many of our friends have come to depend upon this co-op!

  4. Some friends and I, started a non-profit food co-op to build our food storage. This consists of buying food (usually staples like flour, sugar, etc. as well as produce in the summer months) from a local produce or wholesale vendor and we take turns sealing, or canning the food to store for the whole group. That way you don’t have to think about it except for 2-3 times a year, and it has been wonderful.

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