Couponing Classes in Idaho Falls

I’m so excited that couponing is beginning to spread and blossom in Idaho! We even have some couponing classes cropping up, and from what I’ve heard, they are excellent classes indeed!

Last Wednesday, Mom24Boys taught a couponing class to twenty-three ladies in her home. (Bow and praise: we’re unworthy.) The night’s events included debunking popular couponing myths, a coupon version of The Price is Right, and a giveaway of 107 dollars worth of groceries. And that was just the fun stuff; the educational aspect of the night included a flyer on beginning couponing, a cost comparison chart between brand names with coupons and Wal-Mart generic brands, and an online session for getting to know PYP.

The night was a huge success, so much so that Mom24Boys is teaching another session next Wednesday. If you’d like to attend or you have a buddy who could use some couponing guidance during these tough economic times, here’s the info:

Place: Contact Mom24Boys for address
Phone: 523-4179
Time: Wed 1/28 at 7 pm

For questions or more information, contact Mom24Boys at the phone number above or via PM.

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  1. That is way AWESOME that there is a strong present both for coupon classes, a more than qualified instructor and interested Future PYP’ers.

    Way to go and good luck with future endeavors!

  2. Anonymous–

    I’m pretty excited about it too! It sounds like Idaho Falls is in excellent hands.

  3. I was there, and it was a fun, informative class, and I’m so excited to start shopping smarter! I wish I would’ve known about couponing sooner! =)

  4. Shannon –

    I called and said I would be making the drive – with the COLD crazy roads, I think I will have to wait for another class… I am so BUMMED! Please let me know if you are doing another class!

    teamhanni at yahoo dot com

    Thanks so much for doing this class! Couponing is so much fun!

  5. are you doing another class soon?

  6. grate blog..You should feature your services/products on the Idaho-falls community, classifieds section.

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