Current Newspaper Subscription Deals

Here are a few of the best newspaper subscription deals for getting multiple coupons. Keep coming back as I’ll be adding more deals as I get the scoop on them. Also, if you know of a deal that isn’t listed here, let me know and I’ll add it in!

Newspaper: Arizona Republic
Monday – Sunday: $17.77 per month
Monday – Sunday + 1 Extra Sunday: $22.10 per month
Monday – Sunday + 2 Extra Sundays: $26.44 per month
Monday – Sunday + 3 Extra Sundays: $30.77 per month
Monday – Sunday + 4 Extra Sundays: $ 35.10 per month
Monday – Sunday + 5 Extra Sundays: $39.44 per month BEST DEAL – Maximize your savings!
Call: (602) 444-1000 or (800) 332-6733 or subscribe online.

Idaho Falls
Newspaper: Post Register
Subscription: One daily paper and five Sunday papers
Cost: 20.00
Call: 208-542-6777
or 1-800-574-6397

Newspaper: Idaho State Journal
Subscription: One daily paper and five Sunday papers
Cost: 18.00
(208) 232-6150

Newspaper: Standard Examiner
Subscription: One daily paper and either three or five Sunday papers
Cost: 15.49 for three 18.99 a month for five
Call: (801) 625-4400 or (800) 651-2105 or Mike Eames at 801-625-4415

Salt Lake
Newspaper: Salt Lake Tribune
Subscription: One Friday through Sunday paper
Cost: 26 weeks for 26.oo or 52 weeks for 39.00
Contact: 801-204-6100 and use either code 26/26 or 52/39.
Caveats: Offer only available to subscribers who have not subscribed to the Salt Lake Tribune in the last 60 days.

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  1. I live in Fremont, UT. I would like to order multiples of the Tribune or Deseret News but have no idea how to do it receive them down here. Any ideas?


  2. Heidi- I read your comment to a reader on our site stating that what she was doing was coupon fraud. BUT how can you really say that if both the Store director selling the item and the Manufacture running the coupon both say it IS legal to do? In fact the store director told me to use the coupon on that item
    I am one to follow the rules, there are so many different opinions as to what rules are and aren’t out there on the web. that is why I went to the source- the store, and the manufacture to find out what they will and wont allow. They say it IS legal. But if you can find something from the manufacture and the associated store in writing, then i would be happy to learn more.
    You may want to read about my phone call to Post here:

  3. do you recommend just the tribune or would you also get the deseret news? If so, is there a deal for that one too?

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