Dollar Store Deals

MSN Money has an interesting article picking out the Deals & Duds of the Dollar (and 99 cent) stores. It proves to be an interesting read on a couple of levels.

1. Point of reference. Always nice to have a 2nd opinion of what you think might be a good deal.
2. Dollar Store Test. My husband and I have concluded that IF an item can be replaced by a Dollar store purchase, there is no need to store it for next season, nor hoarde it. This test has saved us some serious space, honestly.

*Gift Wrap
*Kitchen Gadgets


*Electrical Products
*Jewelry & Vinyl Lunchboxes (Recalled items)

I have to concur with the article that I like to buy gift wrap, spices and cleaners at the Dollar Store when I am low and do NOT have a coupon. Although, I usually avoid the Dollar Store, in general, as I will end up spending money I hadn’t intended on impulse items.

What is your experiences & thoughts?

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  1. I also make that a cash only store. I make my list of what items I need and bring only that amount of money.

  2. I laughed when I read that they have yet to find a good quality can opener at a dollar store–because it’s so true!

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