FREE Dr. Pepper at Albertson’s!

There is a smokin’ hot deal at Albertson’s for Dr. Pepper lovers! I am a former Dr. Pepper lover myself. I actually still love it but am no longer drinking soda so alas…I am not getting this deal.

BUT…for those of you that want it, here is the scoop!

Purchase four 12 packs of Dr. Pepper. Purchasing four packs will come to $10.58, plus tax. THEN, you will get back a $10 catalina to use towards your next purchase! Keep rolling the catalina on repeated purchases for Dr. Pepper and you will only pay tax.

FREE is good!

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  1. Do you have to purchase 4 or do you just have to spend $10? A 12-pack in our Albertson's was $4.29 so that's why I'm asking…

  2. Wow, that's crazy! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think you have to spend $20 to get the catalina. I did this today, bought 8 12 packs for just over $21 and got a catalina for $10 off next purchase. Next purchase was just over $11 for 8 more.

  4. They usually go off of regular price not sale price to put you over the spend x get x back. But, there is an instant savings that throws this off. So in this case you have to purchase 5 12-packs pay $ 12.75 and get $ 10.00 back. You don't physically have to pay $ 20.00 to get the $ 10.00 back. Just $ 20.00 off regualr price items.

  5. Anyone know if this is just in Utah? Does it include Diet DP? Thanks!!

  6. Is this only for Dr. Pepper or other sodas also?

  7. I personally haven't done this deal but here is what has been reported on another blog:

    Ok so I just got back and when I only bought 4 the catalina didnt print so I got a refund and got 8 and it printed. Then I got to thinking and I realized that when you buy 4 the regular price would only be $19.96 so I went back and got 4 more,plus a 2 liter for $1.59 and it printed. And since I used my $10 catalina with 2 $1 coupons I only paid $.64.

  8. I got 4 with the Catilina but it is $5.28 per pack, so the first 4 are $21. It is NOT considered part of the coke deal. I did get the $10CAT but considered returning the Dr. Pepper because even with the CAT it was still more than I'd like to spend on soda.

  9. This deal stopped this afternoon while I was at Albertsons. I did a couple transactions & it worked. I was getting back in line to go again, & the manager came and said they were stopping it. (This was in Idaho Falls/Ammon. Don't know if it applies everywhere.) At least I got a few in the nick of time.

  10. Okay…so they've caught on! I went this morning and they let me buy 2 and get two free. But I went tonight and none of the Albertsons in my area were letting you buy 2 and get 2 free anymore! Oh well…at least I got it once for $10.

  11. They aren't doing that anymore. I went this morning and was able to buy 2 and get 2 free. But I went again tonight and they weren't allowing it anymore. Oh well.

  12. they decided corporate wide not to do the buy2get2 promo anymore.

  13. o.k., so I'm new to all this info, but loving it! I'm confused, what is a catalina? It is store specific? Is it a rebate?

  14. Went to a Washington Albertson's this morning and they had notices next to the Dr Pepper saying that it did not qualify in the Buy 2 Get 2 Free offer.


    They've caught on.

  15. Don't they have to honor it if the advertise it? I think they should have to!!!

  16. Ok. Some are reporting that it's not worked since Thurs. However, I went to W. Brdwy Idaho Falls on Sat evening and it worked. They also have $1 peelies f/Managers. I got paid $2.75 to take home 4 cases. I wonder if they'll still have the deal and can use the Doublers with this deal. . .

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